Migrating Elementor to Bebuilder

Hi Phil,

thanks for ypur replies so far. Love the Bebuilder.

I am trying to copy this site https://snoozeshot.nl/ to this new site https://snoozeshot.be/

Is there a quick fix?

Biggist question now is ho do I get a complete background like this https://snoozeshot.nl/ on my new Bebuilder page...


  • Hi,

    1) Elementor and BeBuilder are two different builders with different construction, so there is no option to migrate from one to another easily, and the layout must be recreated manually.

    2) Go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Global -> General, and set up the Background image there:

    Also, check the Content Transparency option below. Otherwise, the background will be hidden behind the content.

    Best regards

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