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Sub-Heading Titles Missing After Update

My subheading titles are missing. All that is showing is the border around them with an empty square in the subheader. 


Please help! I've disabled any plugins that might have been affecting it but cant seem to locate the problem.

Running BeTheme 9 and working off of the Steakhouse Demo


  • Hi,

    as you can see on http://pasteboard.co/2umYNVsV.png, section responsible for title is empty. It means that you do not have any titles for pages in the back-end.
  • I've double checked all of the pages. I inspected the source and saw the same thing. But this still doesn't answer my question. I've checked my SEO plugin and disabled it. I've made sure the titles are present in the Wordpress Page editors. Is there something new that I am missing? The titles worked before I updated I haven't found anything new in the update that would cause this.

    Please help.
  • You did something wrong for sure because as we see, titles works on our side. Please send us private message with access to your dashboard and we'll have a look on it.
  • PM on the way. Its funny though, because I have done NOTHING to the site since I originally built it.

    The problem existed after Wordpress forcefully updated itself to the latest version even though I had auto-updates turned off in my cPanel WP-Update tool. 
  • Just disabled my AAM Advanced Access Manager plugin for controlling user access which got corrupted when I updated the new wordpress database and wouldn't save or work currently. I never thought that a user role plugin would have an affect on page titles..... A backend plugin affecting front end visibility with zero settings stored or saved.

    We now know that the most recent version of this plugin is not compatible with the theme or wp version.
  • Hmm, this is really weird then. We also didn't knew about it but if everything back to work after plugin deactivation, it means something is wrong with the plugin.
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