Theme goes unresponsive most times


I'm using BeTheme on Hostinger. Sometimes It takes almost 60 seconds before it can load "wp-content/themes/betheme/muffin-options/js/options.js" so I can get access to admin page. Same goes on live pages also. Theme main JS kills the entire initial load times. Sometimes it gets hit from CDN and skips it. However, this time another theme element gets stuck. Like main CSS, or a vendor JS.

Things to note before responding

  • I've disabled all the plugins.
  • Tested on fresh install without prebuilt themes.
  • Caches are clear
  • Tried on different browsers and devices.
  • I got sync 1000mbps internet connection.
  • Already contacted hostinger about this and servers are checked and OK.
  • I'm running different theme on the same server with no problems.
  • Fresh install without betheme works just fine.
  • removing betheme and switching the default 24 theme works just fine.

For privacy reasons I'm not including the website link here. I've created a support request on Envato with forum link attached.


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