Soucis avec activation et changement de logo


J'ai acheté votre Template pour changer de ceux que j'utilise habituellement. J'ai été obligé d'effacer mon site car les image sur votre Template ne s'affichaient pas, tout au moins une partie. Impossible non plus de changer le logo. Après une réinstallation du site (dossier et URL identiques) le template refuse le code d'activation me disant qu'il n'est pas au bon format.

J'ai déjà perdu deux jours à me battre avec votre produits et j'en ai vraiment mare. Je souhaiterais être rembourser et passer à un produit qui fonctionne.




  • Hi,

    We provide this forum in English only, so please rewrite your message in English.

    Also, do not share any license keys, or login credentials here, as others can see them.

    Best regards

  • Hi

    OK. I don't speak english so well as you, but i can try.

    I have many problem with your template. When i install the demo, somme pictures dont appear on my computer. I can't change the logo. I tried many solutions but no issue. The template don't recognize my licence at the second installation (same website and same directory)

    The message for the licence is :

    Support period date from provided license key is older than already existing one in database! but on my profil i can see : Your support is valid until: December 27th, 2024

    Can you help me please ?

    Thank's a lot


  • Hello

    I have read your message. I understand that you're angry because I shouldn't have gotten upset. The fact is that I spent a day trying to do what normally takes me 5 minutes.

    So I apologize.

    I've received your proposal for a refund, but it's only half the amount I paid on Thème Forest.

    With all the problems I had encountered, I had to delete my installation and start again from a clean slate. But, even though I'm on the same URL, the same hosting and the same directory, my activation code is no longer recognized. On your site, I have the same problem and it tells me that my support has ended, even though I've had it for three months.

    Can you please give me a valid activation code?

    Thanks in advance


  • I have no idea what you referred to in your last message, as I am not angry with anyone and only asked if you could rewrite your message in English. If you are talking about some private messages, please note that I am in charge of this forum only and for the mailbox, another person manages it.

    If you carry any conversation through mail, I have no knowledge about it.

    Best regards

  • Hello

    Thanks for your feedback

    How can I get help?


  • Problem resolved.


  • I am happy to see that it is resolved.

    Did you handle this with my colleague through mailbox or you did it by yourself?

    What was the problem?

    Best regards

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