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Fixing Portfolio Slider Image Heights After Update

After I updated the theme to 9 from 7.x I now am having issues with image heights on the portfolio slider. It was originally worked perfectly when I installed the demo content. I uploaded my photos. I even used the thumbnail regenerator tool because I read that this would help. 


I looked at the options in the muffin builder and there is nothing there to make images have the same height, or choose the image size or type to use in the gallery slider. 

I've had so many issues after I updated I am tempted just to downgrade back. I updated the theme because I thought there was an incompatibility with the new version of wordpress that was causing my other issue when the Titles of the pages went missing out of nowhere. This is still up in the air as to the cause.


  • Hey,

    due to some necessary improvements, we were forced to change the size of portfolio images. If you want to use old sizes, you can change them under functions/theme-functions.php file. Since 8.7 version,
    add_image_size( 'portfolio',         640,  500,  true  );
    function was replace with:
    add_image_size( 'portfolio-mf',     960,  750,  true  );
    So if you want to use old sizes, then please change them under this file and also do not forget to use Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.
  • Could I use the functionality plugin to add this to the end of functions.php and it automatically write over it? That way I don't have to redo this every time I update the theme?

    What kind of improvements were made in this context?
  • I added this to the theme-functions.php (it was commented out) So I commented out the new setting. Then used force regenerate thumbnails and it all seems to be functioning the same.....

    I cleared the cache... No avail. Please help.
  • If it does not work, it means you did it wrong. Some users used this solution this week and it works. We tested this as well and we are sure that this works on 1000%.
  • Is it possible that the Force Regenerate Thumbnails is either timing out or doesn't have the permissions to actually force resize the images? Because I know I followed your instructions perfectly.
  • If you don't have right permissions for folders on FTP, then images resize may do not work.
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