add a new licenses (same BeTheme) to a WP site

We needed to repurchase the BeTheme since the previous developer kept ownership. How do we add the new license to the existing site without altering it (

Also, the blog page ( cuts off the featured image. What is correct settings to show full image?



  • Hello,

    1) Go to Betheme -> Dashboard, deregister the previous license key, and register a new one.

    2) Can you attach a screenshot showing these cut images? They display correctly for me, and I do not know what I should look at.


  • Thank you. I cannot find setting that alters image for 4 views.

  • Please open the Query Loop settings, and adjust the Item width in the Style tab.

    Best regards

  • For laptop, I added 33% since we have 3 columns. I tried 50% for the tablet view. The image did not adapt width to the box. Still cut off on the right. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your suggestion?

  • I did not understand your question at first.

    Please edit the wrap with this image as background, and set the background-size to contain.

    Best regards

  • When I selected "contain", it repeated the image. I selected "no repeat" and it leaves a huge bottom margin. We are creating a consistent image size for the blog feature image. Are there any dimensions or settings we should use for it to adapt to all views? Thanks!

  • The images should have the same dimensions, and in the appropriate ratio, you want to use them.

    There is nothing like one specific value, and it all depends on your needs and use.

    You can use images of the same size as the boxes where they are displayed (385x230px) or with the same ratio but on tablet and mobile view this value will change and the display can differ.

    Best regards

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