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Accordion inside Accordion / Documentation suggestion


I am having some difficulties with an Accordion inside an Accordion.  When I click the "+" to open the Parent Accordion, the Parent Accordion and the Child Accordion get the "-" icon, so I cannot expand the items on the Child Accordion. When clicking on Child Accordion items, the Parent Accordion gets closed.  Whats the correct way to use an Accordion inside Accordion. Please take a look at:  under PRODUCTOS.

Now, regarding the documentation, I see the link explaining shortcodes, and then I see the explaining how the shortcode looks, however I can't find documentation on how to textually place the shortcode code, example [accordion title="" open1st="0" openAll="0" style="Toggle"] [accordion_item title="Granolas"]Content[/accordion_item][/accordion].  It is difficult to figure out how to insert a shortcode inside a shortcode.  If I add the Accordion shorcode, the only way to add content or other shortcodes inside the items on the accordion are via text/code, but I can't find the shortcode definition in code/text.  Also, I have been using the Muffin Builder, I would like to see textually everything I have done with it, so I can get the text or code for the shortcodes but can't figure it out.

It would be great if you can place everything in one place, for example, under Shortcodes, you place how it looks, if it can be added to sections, columns, etc. and how to code it with examples.  I have 4 or 5 different tabs to use as documentation of the theme.  Don't get me wrong, the theme is great, and I am thinking in using it on almost all my projects, and because of that, I give my suggestion to make life easier to all of us.  At least you can place a link on the documentation that points to the live preview of the shortcode and viceversa... and link on the live preview to see how to implement de shortcode.

So, can you please help me on how to fix the According inside Accordion behaviour, so I can create categories and subcategories.



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  • hi guys,

    i think i solved this problem on my website.

    there are 2 options for this solution:
    1. i used the PHP code for Post plugin and inside of it i used the do_shortcode command
    2. you also can publish 2 shortcodes then you can check the HTML output, copy the needed html code and put it inside the 1st shortcode. this way you use only one shortcode with 2nd one as a html output inside of it. 

    for me both functions are worked fine, the 1st one much easy to use for cooders. 

    hope this helped
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  • I know PHP, however, I dont understand how plugins work on Wordpress yet, haven't read of that, however I didnt get the 1st solution proposed by glebw, so I dont understand what is "Post plugin" and don't understand what is the "do_shortcode" command.  Thats why I don't understand the 1st solution proposed.

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  • I understand.  Thank you very much :)
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  • hi,

    sorry for delay

    it's very simple and easy one. it allow you to create php code and enter it into your post as a shortcode. 

    i use it almost on all my websites, because it give you the option to insert loop into the post
  • It looks interesting.  I will check it out
  • Unfortunately the plugin is no longer available to download.

    Is there a new solution for this please ?
  • EDIT :

    There is few solutions :

    1- Adding a WPBakery Page Builder Accordeon and adding inside a MuffinBuilder accordeon

    2- Add a WPBakery Page Builder Accordeon and add a shotcode inside the text block (available inside a button in the toolbar of the text block)

    3- Using tab contents.

    I found more convenient and nice to use tab contents.
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