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Default logo size of betheme.

I just wanted to know what is the default logo size of betheme?


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  • Hi 

    I would like to increase the logo size on the following site:

    Please can you help me with the css?

    Thank you
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  • There seems to be many more adjustments to CSS than changing the height to 150px.  When you do this it effects many other things: menu alignment, search icon alignment, etc. and then there are other variations on other devices as the page scales down.  Can you provide a more complete solution to increasing the logo size? The change to 150px alone creates a mess.
  • I agree. Logo gets cut off, header size needs to readjust as well. please provide entire code needed.
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  • Custom size for logos is working now and much appreciated.
    I had the same problem, but it is solved now.
  • HI it's actually not working for me.

    I have uploaded a logo with 140px height. Changed it in Design/BeTheme/Logo/Advanced to 140 height and 0 padding. Nothing has changed. I still have a tiny logo. Can you please help!!! Thanx
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  • Is it possible to make logo larger than the menu? Currently the logo is within the top menu I want it to be bigger and there for overlapping

    Screenshot attached

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  • edited April 2017
    Custom size of the header?
    I couldt find the option. i have the latest version of betheme installed. I want to change the logo size. please have a look here:
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  • edited March 23
    Hello @Muffin Support,

    When I change the logo height (in advance), it affects the responsive view of the #top_bar too.

    Is there a simple way to adjust this for mobile view only?
    I used the options>logo>advance section but this is what broke the mobile view...

    I used 300px which is perfect for desktop...not mobile (nearly 50% of the height).

    Sorry I am not an advanced user /dev. 
    So far I really like your tutorials and theme!!
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  • edited March 25
    Thank you Muffin Support.
    I won't waste your time just yet. I will finalize my design and logo and if required, I will reach out.

    Wanted to make sure there was no feature to easily do this without custom CSS. 

    Thank you!
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