Center align Action Bar Slogan BE Theme


Please advice how to center align Action Bar Slogan. Looked through forum but can't see any info - Thxs


  • Hi,

    please send us url to your page where you got this action bar with slogan and we`ll see if this is possible.
  • All I have on action bar is a slogan. Is it possible to center it????????
    My site is sitting on a local test site. 
    Using Magazine header with Header Minimalist enables and sticky header.
    Please advice how to center align Action Bar Slogan. 

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    Sorry but until you won`t send us url, we can`t check if this is possible. We need url because each website is different and on one it may work but on other not. You can try below css but we can`t guarantee this will work fine in your case:
    #Action_bar .social { display: none; }
    #Action_bar .contact_details { float: none; }
    #Action_bar { text-align: center; }
    Thanks for understanding!
  • As I said above the site was set up on a local test site so not accessible via the internet. 
    I ended up removing the bar all together. 

  • We understand but as we wrote above, each website is different, got different elements/plugins and other stuff and code that will work on our demo, sometimes it may not work on your website. That`s why we wrote that to be sure we give right solution, we always need url. Of course we gave you css above and if this works fine, then we are glad to hear that all is ok, but if not, then we`ll be able to have a look when website will be online. Thanks!
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