Changing icon in product overview and shortcode

Hi guys,

Question. I would like to change the icon. Now when hovering over the shortcode for the shop slider I see the link icon and also when hovering over de products itself I see the shopping cart and the link icon. How can I change these into my own images?

Looking forward hearing from you,

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  • Hi Michiel,

    at this moment we don`t have any possibility for that and in this case you must change theme files but we do not recommend to do that, because after future updates, all files will be overwritten and you will lose your changes. But if you really want to modify it, you must change functions/theme-shortcodes.php (find code for shop slider), woocommerce/single-product.php, woocommerce/content-single-product.php and all files in woocommerce/single-product folder. And as we wrote this is a lot of things to do and that`s why we do not recommend to do it because it could be easily broken.

    Thanks for understanding!
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