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edited August 2014 in BeBuilder
Hi There,

Can you please tell me a couple of things about the Muffin Builder = SLIDING BOX

1) Can I change the color of all boxes?

I have 3 flat boxes = and need the color changed for each box. I have them all lined up on one row / 3 columns.

Box A = Red / Box B = Blue / Box C = Orange/Pink/Green

2) Also, How do I change the Font-Size?

Please do tell me how to customize these things, perhaps with CSS.

Thank you so much. Owner of Web buinsess here, and really need your help.



  • Hey,

    1) Colors for Sliding Box items can be changed in Theme options > Colors > Shortcodes section. But it is not possible to setup different colors for different boxes because this is just one item and it is not possible to recognize them within css as you wish.

    2) To change font size for Sliding Box, please use below css:
    .sliding_box .desc_wrapper h4 { font-size: 30px; }
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