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Export from page edit

Hello Muffin Group,

Worked hard on a homepage and added the last section "Clients". Forgot that i can add clients from the menu and when i click on edit(client section) there were nowhere to upload logos(obviously). Don't know why i clicked "export" on the bottom of all section(under my last section "Clients"). All my sections(content, images) dissapeared from my homepage. Any idea where the xml files are saved? Or what can i do? 

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    we are not sure what you exactly did and what happened but if your page disappeared then probably you won`t get it back. The only person who can restore this page is your hosting provider but of course if he is doing backups of your website.

    Whole content is stored in database (not in xml files) and if you did something wrong and page disappeared then probably content has been removed from database and it is not possible to get it back except from backups but as we wrote above you need to contact with hosting provider and ask about that.
  • Exactly what i did wrote above. After i clicked export a pop out came asking me to be sure that i publish/update my posts. I clicked ok. Some text apperead and dissapeared in the box below and voila. All gone. Are pretty sure that is not because of the theme? Because if it is you need to do something to prevent from happening to someone else. 2 days of work vanished within a click it's not a comfortable thing to live with.

    Thank you :)
  • We understand but you probably do not understand how it works. You clicked export button and system tried to export content that has not been saved in database and that`s why you did this mess. As you wrote, tried to export content that basically do not exist for system (is only visible for you because you created it already). Export works for pages that are stored in database only and this is ok. But of course there is a message about that in popup window which shows after export click.

    Next time, we do not recommend to use "Export" button in your case :)

    Thanks for understanding!
  • edited August 2014
    I understand. On your future update i recommend to do something with this problem for those like me that use this feature from mistake. Doesn't seem fair to loose all the data with one click in "edit page". Thank you in advance:)
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