Theme not working as expected

I have installed the theme at

I have imported demo data and still it doesn't work fine. 

I'm using Better WP Security and changed the wp-content directory name. I have also change the theme folder ahem and edited the style.css with the new name.

If you need credentials mark this thread as private or send personal message.


  • Hi,

    your theme does not work as you expect because as we see the problem is on your side. Issues are related with server settings or with your extra plugins, because when we try to open one of the most important theme files (responsible for style) it does not work as should be. At first we recommend to deactivate all extra plugins because we think this will help you.
  • Disabling plugin doesn't help. 

    What could be the server setting issue? 
  • So if disabling plugins does not work, then you need to contact with hosting provider because we have no idea what else could be wrong. This problem is definitely not related with theme and can be only with some settings on server's side but we are not hosting experts and not sure what exactly could be the problem.
  • Ok I have raised a ticket with hosting company. Will get back to you with their response.
  • The hosting company replied as below:

    I've went through the error and tried troubleshooting the problem you're having but it doesn't seem to be a server-side issue. In fact, the files that seem to be the problem are the theme files. Are there any specific requirements for this theme to run?
  • You can send us access to your dashboard and FTP on pm but we can`t guarantee we`ll find something because this problem is 100% not related with theme.
  • Sent you the credentials in a personal message.

    I think the issue is somewhere you have hardcoded file path instead of best practice of dynamically calling them.
  • We have checked your website but we are still sure that the problem is on server's side and your hosting provider don`t know what he say. We checked files and your server is not able to return right path from dirname( __FILE__ ); function. It looks like your server does not support some php functions properly.

    In the past, similar problem was with Dreamhost and this was problem on server's side of course. You can read about it on
  • You are wrong and the server runs properly. Here is a another installation on the same server -

    The issue is you have hardcoded path to wp-content directory which is a bad coding practice. You are simply putting blame on hosting guys.

    At the installation at I have changed the wp-content directory name as per wordpress hardening.  I have used other popular themes like Avada, RT Themes everything else I have bought on theme forest works fine - but your theme doesn't work!
  • edited August 2014
    Sorry but we can`t agree with you at all! Also we are not sure if you know what you already wrote. It looks like someone told you to pass this message without reading what we wrote above. You wrote that you found hardcoded path (of course we do not use such practices) and we asked above why dirname( __FILE__ ); function does not work??? If this function means this is hardcoded then we really have no idea what you mean. But if you found something else that has been hardcoded, then please show us this part of code because we wonder where is it exactly.

    BTW Can you explain how over 2000 websites works on this theme without this problem? So please do not tell that this is theme issue, because it is not. The problem is on your hosting`s side and if your provider don`t know how to fix this issue, then maybe you should change hosting.

    Sorry but we really don`t have any suggestions because we don`t see any problem with theme at all.
  • I'm not sure if you understood my response -

    I have two URL's only the same server and one is working. (means your dirname( __FILE__ ); works on the server). 

    The only difference in two is the wp-content directory name.

    You are calling absolute URL on 11th line of style.php "$strpos = strpos( $url, 'wp-content' );"
    Instead you could use a relative URL without having to call wp-content directory. 

  • Sorry but you still don`t understand how it works. The function we mentioned above is not giving fixed path but path is given dynamically. The same solution has been used for Avada or Bridge TOP themes and this is how most top themes works. This function is looking for path dynamically and is looking for wp-content folder. So we`ll say it once again - path is not hardcoded and is working dynamically but in your case something is wrong and we have no idea what exactly as this function is properly written and what is important, in accordance to WordPress API.
  • I have already said I did two installations and one is working fine.

    Avada works perfectly fine but yours doesn't work!

    Using name "wp-content" in path means its hardcoded and if the directory name wp-content is changed it doesn't work!
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