remove menu on homepage

im using creative menu on the website but dont want any menu to appear on the home page as we only want to display company wallpaper as 60% of the screen and then 4 products under it (covering just one cover screen without any scroll or navigation)
then they can select on the product to view internal pages.

1. how can i remove menu from the home page?
2. how can i make sure the banner and product section remains on one screen and dont require the scroll for it.
3. the images under the banner.. how can i have it in round while still have the option to have the hover effect. (currently all demos with image boxes are square and none are round retaining the hovering).

awaiting reply




  • Hi,

    1. To remove top bar menu, please use below css:
    #Top_bar { display: none !important; }
    2. You can't be sure because each screen is different. You can only set height for 1st section or slider and then use products below.

    3. Please send us url to page where you got these products. We'll see what item you use and if it is possible to use round shape instead.

  • 1. we are using creative menu and this class just removes the menu but does not remove the whole left side of the menu.
    2. can we not have a percentage thing where we can restrict the image on first row with 70% height and then second row with 30% height with a portfolio icons in grid of 4/row
    3. dont have a url yet.. but will deploy on a server today.
  • 1. Please send us url to page then were you did it and we'll have a look on it.

    2. This is unfortunately not possible.

    3. Let us know when you will have url.
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