BeTheme Dashboard is Super SLOW

I haven't logged into my WordPress admin panel for quite a few months now. Upon logging in and navigating around the dashboard, I've come to find that the response time for saving changes and navigating through is EXTREMELY SLOW. It literally takes at least a minute to process the changes. Do you have any idea why my dashboard would be running so slowly? I also noticed that the logo on my website is now cut off, which is odd considering it looked perfectly fine when I had last touched the site. This leads me to believe both of these issues are theme related, and not related to WordPress or my hosting; especially not hosting considering the site itself loads very quickly on the front end.

So my questions are as follows:

  1. Why is my WordPress dashboard so slow?
  2. Why is the bottom portion of my logo cut off if I haven't made any changes to the site, and how do I fix that?

Here is some info you may want to consider:
  • I am currently running WordPress 4.0.7.
  • My active theme is BeTheme, version 5.4.
  • I have 16 plugins installed, 13 of which are active. Active ones are as follows -
    • Child Theme Configurator (version
    • Contact Form 7 (version 4.1.1)
    • Contact Form 7 Custom Skins (version 1.1)
    • Duplicate Post (version 2.6)
    • Envato WordPress Toolkit (version 1.7.2)
    • Force Regenerate Thumbnails (version 2.0.3; version 2.0.5 is available for update)
    • Form Maker (version 1.7.27; version 1.7.71 is available for update)
    • LayerSlider WP (version 5.2.0)
    • Recent Tweets Widget (version 1.6.4)
    • Revolution Slider (version 4.6.4)
    • WP-FileManager (version 1.4.0)
    • WPBakery Visual Composer (version 4.3.4)
    • WPtouch Mobile Plugin (version
Please keep in mind that all of these plugins were installed and active prior to there being no issues, so I'm not sure that could be causing the issue. Thinking it may be cause by the outdated WordPress version, but not sure why that would cause this issue at all, as I've never experienced this with any of the hundreds of other sites I've worked on in the past. I tried deactivating them all, and for a brief second, it seemed to work. But as soon as I activated the Child Theme Configurator again, it all went slow again. And upon deactivating that plugin again, it is now remaining slow (even with all plugins deactivated).

Thank you in advance for the help, and I am looking forward to a response.




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    I ended up deactivating all plugin's again, and reactivating everything but Contact Form 7 (an old contact form plugin that isn't being used), and at first the dashboard was reacting very quickly, but now it's back to being extremely slow. What gives? Why would it speed up termporarily, and then just go back to being slow?!
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    Even stranger; I tried to make a clone of my home page, and then I got an error that Contact form 7 was no longer activated and that it needed to be. I close out of that screen without copying the code down, but when going back to the Pages section of my Wordpress, it's no longer giving me the option to clone my pages. THen almost all of the menu items in the sidebar of the WP dashboard disappeared! Clients, Offer, Layouts, Portfolio - anything to do with your theme.

    And then out of the blue, the page refreshed and everything was back. I also saw it had a notification at the top of the dashboard that states, "Contact Form 7 Custom Skins Contact Form 7 Plugin is Not fond ! Please Install and Activate Contact Form 7 Plugin First !!.", which is the message I had seen that I had mentioned above, but before it was just syntax.

    Hopefully all of the above can help you give me some answers because I am at a loss and very frustrated with this whole experience.

    This is all related, I just can't figure out how ...
  • Hi,

    your question is really weird because there is a lot of reasons why your dashboard may be slow. We got over 150 demos already and we did never noticed any slow dashboard and we're sure it's not because of theme. Usually dashboard may be slow because of plugins or server.

    Basically what you wrote is really strange. In this case all we can recommend is theme, wordpress and plugins re-installation. And everything should be re-installed via FTP only because this is the safest way. Please remember to use latest versions of every item.

  • Thanks for the response guys! Looks like the culprits are Contact Form 7 and/or Contact Form 7 Custom Skins. These must some how conflict with Form Maker, which is what I currently use for my forms on my site. I deactivated both unused plugin's above and the speed is back to normal now. Thanks for looking into this.

    Do you have any recommendations for how I can get my logo to display normally? If you open the logo image in a new tab, you'll see that it isn't supposed to look like that.
  • Please show us what you mean and also please send us url to your site because we do not see it in messages above.
  • The site in question is And if you right click on the image for the home page, and open the image in a new tab, you'll see how the logo should look on the website. But somehow the logo is being cut off on the bottom when navigating throughout the site.

    Any idea how to fix that?
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    The related CSS I'm using is as follows, should that help you resolve the issue:

    /* Header */
    #Subheader ul.breadcrumbs { text-align: left; width: 100%; margin-top: 10px; }

    .header-classic #Top_bar { height: 120px; }
    .header-classic #Top_bar #logo img { max-height: 165px; }

    #Top_bar #logo { padding: 2px; height: 130px !important; }

    body:not(.home) #Top_bar .logo { position: absolute; z-index: 1; }

    #Top_bar #logo img { max-height: 100%;}
    @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) { 
     #Top_bar #logo img { max-width: 190px;}
  • We did what you said, but we do not see anything cut. So will be great if you can show us on screenshot what you mean.
  • I did some digging in my css, and as you can see above, their was one line that was preventing the logo from displaying in front of the body area on the home page.

    Once I changed body:not(.home) #Top_bar .logo { position: absolute; z-index: 1; } to #Top_bar .logo { position: absolute; z-index: 1; }, the issue resolved itself.

    It must have been outdated CSS from a previous site design. Anyway, feel free to close this out.

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