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One Page Theme Layout and Scrolling Effect

There is no information on how to create the One Page Theme and when I import the XML file it is not included.

I tried adding the class "scroll" the the section in which I am anchored (content id) to with my main navigation. Is there something I am missing? I cannot find anything anywhere about how to get this scrolling effect to work smoothly using links and content id's in the muffin builder.

Maybe I'm just overlooking something simple.


  • I apologize, I already found my answer right after I posted by searching "scroll" in the documentation.

    I had to go into the Menu under Appearance settings in WordPress and enable the screen options for CSS and add the "scroll" class on the link itself.
  • Exactly :) We're glad you found it.
  • Oh lord, now I am overlooking something - What page was this in the documentation?
  • It would be nice if this was a little more detailed or outlined on the website. Maybe on the demo itself explaining how easy it is to change the css of the navigation to support the one-page system. So people aren't so lost trying to understand how. This is a feature of wordpress I have never personally used before. (adding css to the menu links or even messing with the menu options itself)
  • @eyeconictv Can you explain what we can do to make to more clear? Because in our mind this really can`t be easier described and we tried to do is as easy as it is possible. So will be great if you can give us some points about not clear thing and we`ll try to improve it in the future.

    Thanks in case for your suggestions ;)
  • Something like adding a screenshot on the one-page template itself in the demo, explaining how easy it is to add a custom css selector to the menu. Take a screenshot of the appearance > menu section in wordpress with the class enabled. Something along those lines, so I would know where to look. The documentation is very long and its easy to go to the website to see how things are done rather than reading a PDF document. I usually either look at the live examples from your demo or rebuild one of the xml files and use the elements and styles from that template to figure it out by reverse engineering it. Which is easier than reading a document with a hundred pages.  lol. Does that help? 

    Maybe even just online web documenation or a sticky in the forum would help as well. There were no posts about how to do it either. 

    I guess my main concern is how long the documentation is, it makes it hard to navigate unless you know which keywords to search for. Online documentation or stickys in the forums are easier to find information. Maybe a video?
  • Ok. We`ll think about it :) Thanks!
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