Can not install

I just purchased the theme and I am trying to install. I followed the documentation to upload a new theme on the Add Themes page and I keep getting a installation failure error, any ideas?

I am using Chrome on a PC and have used WP for a while with other themes. Although I do not consider myself an expert, I am not a total beginner either, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



  • What a pain... I thought this was supposed to be an easy to use theme.

    I was able to figure out how to upload it FTP style through my CPanel

    If you are having a problem with installation, try that.

    I never did get any errors relating to file size like some other users having trouble with installation, but maybe it still has something to do with that and it is a WP problem and not a theme problem.

    Hopefully, the rest of my experience with the BEtheme will be smoother... ugh.
  • Hi,

    you did not mentioned above what errors you had while installation. So will be great if you can explain what kind of errors you had. We installed Betheme over 1000 times on different servers and did never experienced any errors so probably they are related with the server. But we need to know what the errors are.

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