Upload Be Theme

I was installing the WP Be Theme on the regular 

  1. Appearance > Themes > Install
    Themes > Upload   from WP control panel with the current file Be|theme.zip . the uload was on process when WP show upload error. 

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ')' in /home/flyli738/public_html/teste/wp-content/themes/betheme/functions/theme-head.php on line 363

    On hight light is the message error. since that i'm not able to caces the WP-Dashboard to edit the web site. I can aacces the cpanel from Hostgator but the WP not. 

    How should I Fix that?


  • Hey,

    this problem was with older version. Did you tried to install the latest 1.7 version? This one should be fine because we fixed this issue.
  • I can't install new 1.7 I do not have acces to WP. There any other way I could fix that problem?
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    Sorry but we don`t understand question... If you don`t have access to WP, it means you won`t be able to do anything. If you bought theme and building website you should have access to dashboard and FTP as well. Those are the most important things you need while building as you have no idea when something wrong can happen. Wordpress, like each cms is only system and sometimes can stop working and what then? If you want to update theme you need access to dashboard or FTP, but you should have both together. Via FTP it is much easier to make update because all you need to do is overwrite old files with the new one. It takes 1 or 2 minutes and everything is ready.
  • Dear Muffin group. 

    As described above will try to be more clear in my question. Performed uploading betheme and got the message from the wordpress site error was promptly instructed to update the new version where these problems had been corrected. 

    Performed the procedures described by Muffin Group, did the update via FTP Theme though the theme is not active in wordpress and I can not access my dashboard because when I enter www.flylight.com.br / test / wp-admin follows the message error not allowing access to my dashboard to update the theme. 

    I'm on 5 days with my website out of service would like a special attention in order to try to solve this problem.
  • Ok we understand what you mean now but without access to FTP it won`t be possible because something wrong must happened with theme files or wordpress installation. We have seen similar messages in the past and usually the problem was with wordpress installation. So what you need to get now is access to FTP, then update theme files manually. If this won`t work, then only wordpress re-installation will help you.

    If you will send us access to FTP then we can check for you what happened and why you got this problem. Wordpress is only system and as each cms got problems sometimes and can stop work. This is nothing extraordinary.

    If this is theme issue and we`ll get access to FTP then we can fix it within 5 minutes.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • send me e-mail or contact adress wich I can provide full acces to my FTP and then you could check and fix whats not correct. 


  • @gustavobravodisessa We already sent you private message via this forum so please reply on our message with details.
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