Call To Action

Hi There,

LOVE BE - my project is nearly completed :)

Please tell me:

1) How do I CENTER the Title and ICON and Content box on the CALL TO ACTION box, created with Muffin Builder?

It is LEFT-Aligned. I need it Centered.

2) How do I change the font-color of the TITLE in the CALL TO ACTION BOX?


3) Can I get my own icon in here, rather than using a generated one?

Please help = URGENT. Thank you.


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    1) This should be centered as default as it is the only layout we have for call to action box. If you don`t have it centered, please update theme to latest version where we fixed some things. Hope this will help you.

    2) For that you can use below custom css:
    .call_to_action .call_left h3 { color: #E2E2E2 !important; }
    3) What icon you mean? For Call to Action item? Because if you mean icon for call to action, then it can be changed only in functions/theme-shortcodes.php file where this item/shortcode is.
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