How to Decrease Padding Above Contact Form and H2

I would like to decrease the padding between the contact form and the H2 on my home page, How would I need to adjust the CSS to accomplish this? I want it to roughly match the padding below the form. Thanks in advance for the assistance!


  • Hi,

    please show us on screenshot which padding you mean exactly.

  • Basically, I want to move the contact form and the "Need SR22 Insurance" header up on the home page an equal amount of space, so the amount of padding above them matches the identical amount of padding below them. Attached is an image to help illustrate my point.

  • Ok. So for that paddings is responsible padding option for section item. What you need to do is edit section item and decrease padding height.
  • Awesome! Just for clarification, should anyone need to know. I had to go to the page in WP admin, then click the edit button for that particular section that housed the two call to actions. From there, I easily adjusted the padding to be less above the page fold.

    Thanks muffingroup! You can close this out.

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