Please Help! Reset my custom settings to default by accident

The most terrible thing just happend. I had been customising the Cafe demo for days and as I was starting to be very happy with the results and was about the publish the site, I accidentally clicked the "reset to defaults" button on the Genral settings page (thought I was on the sidebar page..) Is there any way I can bring back the custom settings from the Cafe demo? I really really appreciate any help on this issue.

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  • I imported the demo content again so the layout is now as it should. All the custom settings (fonts, colors etc.) need to be re-done..
  • Hi,

    "Reset to default" reset all settings. Before you confirmed this action, there was popup information were it was explained. So probably you did not read that message if you confirmed this.

    To get all settings back, you should contact with your server admin and ask if he got backups of your site so he can go back to previous version where everything was set as you want.

  • Yes, thank you. I did notice the pop up :) Why this happened was that I had two Theme Option tabs open on my browser. the othe was for general settings and the other for sidebars. I was supposed to reset the sidebars not all settings...whoooa! What a lesson. Everything is tweaked now back to as it was but was some hours of extra work and hassel.

    Thanks for your help and  input!
  • This is a definitely good lesson ;) Few years ago we experienced the same and that's why we do not open 2 tabs with the same panel now.
  • I also did this earlier and just re imported the demo, removed the duplicated menu and all was well.

    Would be nice to see a RESET PAGE button rather than a RESET ALL in the future. :)
  • @eitech This is unfortunately impossible because muffin options is one whole large post array. So with current muffin options panel this just can not be done.
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