Muffin Builder Paragraphs

The Muffin builder doesn't seem to allow paragraphs or spacing. It only seems to be HTML and not WYSIWYG.

Is there any way to activate or introduce WYSIWYG to the Muffin builder?

Our client doesn't understand HTML and can't be expected to know to use p tags and line brakes into every piece of content on the site.

Many thanks


  • That`s why we created 2 different items for Muffin Builder :) You talk about "Column" item which is for html purposes only. But for what you need we have created "Visual editor" item. This is similar item to "Column" but have WYSIWYG editor included.

    Hope all will be clear :)
  • That's great thank you for your help.
  • Visual editor appears to not allow paragraphs?

    In the editor you type in paragraphs and it looks fine but once you have published/updated the page there is no paragraphs.

    Can you advise?
  • @hpprintandgraphics This is unfortunately how wordpress works. Wordpress removes paragraphs from editor automatically.
  • Ah right,

    It works fine in the wordpress editor but not in the "visual editor" ?

    Is this definitely the case in this instance? I literally added text to the same page in the wordpress supplied one and it worked.

    Either way what is the work around?
  • But Visual Editor uses default wordpress editor. And if there is more then one item on page, then this is what happen. If you will send us access to your dashboard with explanation on PM, we can have a look but probably we won't be able to help in this case.
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