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Demo pages: Be/Photo homepage and landing pages are not in the Be/Theme demo download file.;

i could not find the Be/Photo homepage and/or Landing Pages in the Be/Theme demo download files.  Were can I download these files\?

Site is

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    Please go to BeTheme Demo Data section and this is place from where you can import any content with just 1 click. This is the best & easiest way to import content so far. This section has been described on

    BTW Please do not give any details in this section because this is public section and everyone see your messages.
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    I reset my web site, I'm starting from scratch.  The webpage for demo files does not recongize my user name and it does not remember my name and I have tried everything.  OI have changed everything now and i still can not down load the files. 

    Michael Dudley
    Please note the demo file do not include the be/photo home files.
  • Sorry but we are not sure what you mean. Do you mean that images for homepage does not come with import? If this is what you mean then everything is fine because images and none of media files does not come with one page. If you want to get all images and content exactly as on our demo, then you must import "ALL".

    Thanks for understanding!
  • The homepage for be/photo was not included with the import "All" and I have done this twice.  I have also  gotten the xml file.  I now 75 or so pages and it is there.  And I just went back...mid sentence and looked its not there.  I have also discovered that a lot of the instructions you have written are unclear to me.  I have put in a good amount of time and accomplished little except one image up in revolution slider and not get that to perform the way I wish.   This theme does not work for me and I wish to get a refund.  I will apply it to another theme so a credit will work.  If you wish, before I take down the theme, you can look at the demo pages.

    BTW, it was a mystery as to why I could not get the XML files the other day.  Maybe the purchase order number was not update in your system when I went to download those files...I did a cut and past so there would have been no typos.  Worked fine this last time.

    Thank you,.
    Michael Dudley
  • Hi,

    unfortunately all we can do is help you with page setup but not able to give any refund. In this case you need to contact with envato but we are pretty sure they won`t give any refund because theme works fine and all is ok.

    However if you got problem with import whole content "ALL" it means you have limits on server`s side. We are pretty sure that you have limits on values like max_file_size or max_timeout_connection. If you will have a look on our demo, you will understand why ALL is such a big file. Tons of media/images and lot`s of content just can`t be uploaded on limited hostings. And that`s why, for all those users we did "1 Click Demo Import" so they can easily upload elements/pages and other stuff one by one. This just can`t be done different way. Also what you can do is import ALL but without Media Files as they took a lot of space what is the main problem in your case. We are sure, you will be able to import all pages (without media of course) with no problems.

    Thanks for understanding!
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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü