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Edit width of submenu drop down


I have done quite a bit of css customization to the header, but I have one edit that I can't find the selector for. I need to make the drop down menu for standard menu (not mega-menu) wide. Currently, if you click on Cause Mapping (the first main menu item) you'll get a drop down. But the items in that drop down menu each take up 2 lines of text. I want to widen the dropdown menu enough for all submenu items to only take up on line.

What css do I need accomplish this?

Or is there a theme option somewhere that I missed?



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  • Thanks so much. That was it. I've been working with this header to make it much smaller (not as tall), including getting submenu items to to wrap text into 2 this css helped a lot!
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  • Just to say thanks muffingroup - this solved the same issue for me.

    Just to note though, the css code for me required adding in px - as in

    #Top_bar .menu li ul li { width: 250px !important; }
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  • Thank you, this helps me fixing the wide of the submenu.
    I set css editor on : #Top_bar .menu li ul li { width: 260px !important; }
    But now my second and thirth submenu are overlapping 
    each other.

    The first submenu drops down "that's fine", the second and third submenu appears on the right that's fine too, but it appears on the "standard width" around 190px place, The second submenu box has to move 70px to the right.
    The only thing what i have moving around to the right, is the text inside the submenu not the whole submenu box.

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  • edited May 2016
    Like this top menu: Onze werkzaamheden > Schoorsteen werkzaamheden > Schoorsteenkap > Windwijzers sierkap

    Betheme v13.1
    Wordpress v4.5.2

    Testing with Chrome and Edge

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  • edited May 2016
    I have tried that before, without the ul at the end.
    It works now thank you!
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  • Hello muffingroup.

    I got the same Problem but i dont know where i should fill in (#Top_bar .menu li ul li { width: 250px !important; })

    my webiste is

    maybe you can send me an advice thx in advance!

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  • Seems like it would be easier to have things like this as adjustable in the theme settings?
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  • Hi, I had the same problem as michaelk026, which I solved with your CSS, thanks. But in my menu there is both a dropdown item and a mega menu item. But this CSS also affects the mega menu (see How can I solve?
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  • With your CSS code I solved the overlap of the second and third submenus for the "PRODOTTI" item, but also in the "LINEE" item (done with megamenu and not dropdown menu) the third submenu is moved to the right (see the link above). But here I don't need it... Thanks!
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  • Hi, 

    I've placed this into my CSS section within the theme options, but it doesn't change my sub menu at all? I've tried 3 different browsers but it's just not working for me. Is there anything I am missing. Cheers. 
    • #Top_bar .menu li ul li { width: 250px !important; }
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