Add a onclick action on the Action Button in the header

can you help me set an onclick event for the Action Button in the header?

I would like to assing the class
<a href="#" class="sliding-top-control">
so it will open up the Sliding Top element on click the Action Button as well.



  • If you want to add onclick action on button in header, please go to includes/header-top-area.php file and replace below code:
    echo '<a href="'. $header_action_link .'" class="button button_theme button_js action_button"><span class="button_label">'. mfn_opts_get( 'header-action-title' ) .'</span></a>';
    echo '<a href="'. $header_action_link .'" class="button button_theme button_js action_button" onclick="HERE YOU CAN ADD YOUR ONCLICK ACTION"><span class="button_label">'. mfn_opts_get( 'header-action-title' ) .'</span></a>';
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