how to remove logo - and change menu font color / background

can't see where to remove logo (I don't want to use one - but instead a title)

I used the Yoga demo, but somehow the styling of the top menu buttons got lost and they appear in blue font and white background - tried to change it in Be Theme Options and there the colors look all correct, but once I save and preview it goes back to this primitive version (the rest of the demo is intact and I installed a different slide show) underneath the menu top bar

can send screenshot, but there is no upload feature here


  • Hi,

    please update to recent version of Theme (9.6) and this should help. If not, then please send us url to page where you lost styling and we'll have a look on it.
  • I bought the theme 2 days ago, so it should be the uptodate version - the website isn't published yet, but I could give you my login - however, not in a public forum.

    can also send you a screen shot
  • You bought when 9.5 version was available. But the latest one is 9.6 (we did an update on Friday/Saturday)
  • even in the new version - removal of the logo in BeTheme options doesn't solve it - it just stays right there....
  • and I lost everything I had worked on today - even though I had saved, updated and previewed EVERY single time. When I came back to it an hour later it was all back to before - again, I know how to save and have done so successfully before, but this time all my work was lost!
  • Sorry but how your work may be lost? Whole content is stored in database so if you lost something, it means you cleared database or you reset all your settings yourself. There is no other way to reset theme.
  • I didn't clear ANYTHING - things I changed the day before are still there, so noone cleared the database.  I described VERY CLEARLY what I did and that I clearly couldn't have been the cause of this.

    This is obviously yet another bug in your program - and I am getting tired of it. I have never such a tedious and error ridden program - and I demand a refund. 

    You trying to blame the customer for the program's mistakes is completely out of line - and it is the second that you are offensive like this.
    it seems from the many grammar errors that English is not your first language, so maybe you don't understand half of what I am writing, but there is no excuse for being rude, just because you don't have an answer.

    And where is the answer regarding the logo question which is still NOT resolved in the new version? - you didn't know what to say, so you just ignored it.

    the worst customer service I have ever seen

  • at this point I want someone else answering my questions 
  • Sorry but we can't agree with you unfortunately. Of course you may have own opinion but we may do not agree with you what we do now obviously. Maybe English is not our native language but we guarantee that we understand everything very well and from this point, there is need to be rude because you definitely are now. It's not our fault that you did something wrong and theme does not work as should.

    We are sorry for the question related with logo. We missed this part unfortunately. Option for removing logo hasn't been added yet. It's still pending on our "to do" list. It is possible to remove logo only with custom css so far. If you will send url to page for which you want to remove logo, we'll tell you what css will be the best.

    P.S. We really appreciate if you can be more polite next time. We understand very well that you may be frustrated but it is not our fault. We know that there is always 1% of customers who are somehow unhappy and for whom nothing works but we can not agree with you if for the whole rest (99%) everything works fine. This definitely means that something is wrong on your side.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Hi Gundigab,
    I have had the same problems with the Be Yoga theme. I solved the blue header issue by disabling Jetpack - for some reason it was interfering...

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