'Article' on product page

I just noticed that betheme is adding a 'Article' attritubte on all of my shop pages. How can I remove this? I am using yoast for this.
And actually the 'Article'-attribute should be 'Product' on a product page.
thanks !


  • Hi,

    Woocommerce is adding this by default. We did not added anything.
  • Hi,
    I thought it was the theme, because when I switch theme (with all the same content and plugins) it dissapears. It only appears when betheme is activated.
    The only other thing I could think of was the yoast plugin, but they don't add that. I have been in contact with them a few times regarding this problem.
    So, you are absolutely sure it is not your theme? Because it is added to the exact same place when viewing a blog page for instance.
    To be clear, when you view the source of the page, it appears in the second line of the page html:

  • We thought that you meant something else. But this one is under header.php and functions/theme-functions.php file. So if you don't want to use schema org you need to modify theme files because unfortunately most of our customers need this for Google bots.
  • Hi,
    fair enough and I don't mind it being there, but 'Article' on a product page? That should be product. Are you planning on fixing this?
  • When we'll finish thousand of features that are on our "to do" list, then we'll consider this one as well.
  • So, actually you are saying you won't fix this critical SEO-bug on woocommerce pages?
    It is not a feature but an error in your theme.
    I love your theme, I do, but the way you are going around this dissapoints me. I am getting the feeling you don't care that much for the woocommerce part of your theme.
    It's not the fact that there is a bug (completely normal), but just ignoring it?
    I hope you will consider to fix this, I think you just have to check if it's a woo product page before your echo. You are doing the same thing for pages and posts.
  • It's this is so serious bug then we'll consider this fix of course. But first we'll ask our college who is working in Google if it's so serious bug.
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