Urgent: Something went wrong


I need some urgent help regarding my wordpress. On 17th Sep my wordpress got auto updated and since then my wordpress site gpindustries.in/wp-admin/ has stopped working. i can't even see the admin page.

I've tried downgrading my wordress, disabling my plugins, updated theme to new version but no success so far.

Please help me, I'm in big trouble i have worked a lot on my website as a beginner and it took lot of time to do some work. 

My website is working fine but cant access my dashboard.


  • Hi,

    we tried to open your site but we can't. Looks like the problem is with server because there is no connection. In this case you must contact with admin first. And please remember that something like that did never happen without reason. If you are unable to even log-in then maybe your site has been hacked or something wrong happen with your server.
  • After trying everything yesterday i finally cleaned my wordpress via ftp deleted everything, every bit of it and installed a fresh copy of latest version of wordpress and my theme.

    Worked in it yesterday, now today when i come back again same thing happened. white screen and unable to see either wp-admin/ or wp-login.php.
    Don't know what is happening with me. Is it still hacked or server problem?

  • If you really did it the way you described above, then we have no idea what exactly happened. This must be or server issue or you still got viruses somewhere on FTP under different folders. But because we are not the owner of your server, we have no idea what exactly is wrong. But this sounds definitely weird because we did never met with anything like that.
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