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Suggestions/Bugs related with new Muffin Builder 3.0 (Beta Version)


Before installation, please read carefully!

Beta version of Muffin Builder 3.0 may contain minor bugs, so:
- please use only for the development purposes
- please do not use it on already working websites (especially on customers websites)

We would appreciate your suggestions and report eventually bugs related with new Muffin Builder 3.0 (Beta Version).



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    Any pics or video of same. When can we expect the final version? And last of all, this theme deserves to be at No. 1 spot at Envato. All the best, Ravi
  • I just took the Muffin Builder 3.0 for a spin and I couldn't agree with @eaglecomr more! BeTheme deserves the #1 spot. Great work!

    May I ask: As you guys continue to improve the Muffin Builder, what makes it a better choice than using the included Visual Composer plugin? 

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  • Is it possible to send the Beta for testing purpose with installation instructions. regards, Ravi
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  • Hi,

    No bug found so far. Very fast opening and closing items, indeed.

    One thing, though, the Rev Slider plugin bundled with builder 3.0 is and not the more recent 5.0.9 on the non beta betheme zip. Dunno if there are other version discrepancies like this.

    Best regarda!
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  • Can we expect final Muffin Builder in today's update?
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  • lost sidebar option for sections.
  • Like the builder 3.0 its amazing loads fast good work
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  • oh ok like the option wrap it works better. Thanks
  • I think theres a bug. When i update any page, its not getting updated and instead redirecting to the homepage. Any solution?
  • Regarding the sidebar, what about existing sections that included sidebars?  Would that now be broken?

    Also, can we add similar options that sections and columns have as far as classes, ids, background, padding etc to the new wrappers?

    Right now there is no way to target the wrapper itself outside of using the sections parent class or id to then target using psuedo classes like #mySection > .mcb-wrap:first-child etc.
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  • Please in new builder making the colors more bolder(dark), if you are working with this builder colors up to 3 hours , see all the warps the same..... 
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  • Currently in wp-admin the resources are loaded with a timestamp query string e.g. /muffin-options/fields/tabs/field_tabs.js?ver=1444885484

    Is it better to use the theme version number for query string for faster loading?
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  • Animation by section disappeared? How do I do it now? Thanks
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  • sorry for columns...
  • Dear Support,
    I think i've found an issue/bug concerning SECTION and WRAPS background images, happening with many of websites i developed, even with the last updates 10.4:

    Description: if i have 2 ore more sections, and in the last one i put the Background IMG in section, or Wrap, when i save, the BG image is automatically moved to the first Section...

  • edited November 2015
    Update, The bug also presenting with image caption:

    if there are 3 images and i put caption on the last one only, automatically it goes in first
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  • Hello ! I've uploaded via FTP the newest version of the theme. Everything is in place except the muffin builder. I can't see it when editing a page, it just doesn't exist :D. What can I do ?
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  • I have a problem , I cant’t edit anything because Muffin group builder editor background is transparent. Like rgba(0,0,0,0.2); But I check with developer tools, and background-color: #fff... If I try to change color with developer tools, color is changing but, transparency is still the same, or i can make it more transparent. I try it in different OS and different WEB browsers, everywhere is the same problem. Version of BE THEME is 10.6, and in version 9.7 with old builder everything is ok. 
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