Looking to remove all links to Muffingroup


I really like your theme. But I am trying to find out why you have so many links to your site in the Demo Content.

I am editing the demo content and replacing all the images with my own local, but I really need to remove all external content links for SSL and also load times.

Can you help me with what I need to know?

You do not have the CSS Local you have it pulling from your website. How can I make it local?
Where do I remove your link in my footer?
What other links should I be looking for to remove so that I do not have to pull in from your server?




  • edited September 2014
    Hi Tom,

    we have checked your website but we don`t see any links in the code that follow to muffingroup.com so can you explain what links you mean and where are they? Because we really have no idea what you mean.

    BTW Your website looks really great! :)
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