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Update Problems

Somebody had same problem and this was their post, exactly the issue I'm having:

"I downloaded the newest update. I tried to install it via wordpress
admin panel, but I get a "are you sure you want to do this please try
again" message at the end of the installation process. The previous
version of the theme installed just fine."

I tried to update with the latest version available and it didn't work.  I noticed the Parent theme of the new version was: 13,935 KB.  I tried a version I saved from June and the Parent them was - 5,435 KB.

Past updates worked just fine, this one didn't.  To make sure I've been doing it right, is this correct. When I get a new update:
I download it
Login and go to wordpress admin panel, delete the Parent theme, then upload the new Parent them. The Child Theme stays Active, I don't need to do anything with that correct?  The new download comes with a Parent and Child Theme, but I just need to upload the new Parent theme each time?


  • Hi,

    this problem means you have limits on your server and you are not able to upload such large files via wordpress. The latest package is larger because we included some new plugins and features and this is the main reason why it is larger. And if you are not able to upload this package via wordpress, please upload it via FTP and all will be fine. All info about installation via FTP you can read on

    Thanks for understanding!
  • I think I uploaded it correctly via FTP.

    Just a question with the Child Theme that always confused me.

    Anytime there is a new update, is this the correct process:

    Download new update.

    Delete parent theme, ftp new theme in. Activate it and then activate Child Theme again?

    New updates come with Parent Theme and Child Theme.  I just need to upload the Parent theme?  Not the Child Theme?  Just use the ones that's already there?

  • Yes, exactly. This is what you must to do. Theme update always comes with parent theme and child theme.
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