Footer is not sticky


for some reason when you create a smaller height page the footer comes up and I can see the background at the bottom. Is there a way to stick the footer always at the bottom doesnt matter whats the page height see the example. 


  • Hi,

    do you mean to make this thin bar in footer (with copyright and social icons) to be sticky always? Just like menu when you scroll down and is sticky? Please maybe send us example of what you mean and we`ll have a look if something like that will be possible or if we can add it with future updates.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Albulushi... are you Brazilian? Do you use any Online banking? Itau? BB? This is caused by Onlibe banking plugins and it only happens on your browser and other people that have plugins like that... take a look at

    Those plugins append a <object> tag right after the </body> and before the </html>... inspect the element on the browser and you will find it. 

    Muffing Group: please add a css that make lines like <object id="ba7ab859-2a8a-9fa1-988a-4a9938aba59b" width="0" height="0" type="application/gas-events-abn"></object> not visible...

    Thank you
  • edited September 2014
    @DanielJorge Try to add style="display: none !important;" for this object html. So instead of what you showed above, try something like below and see if this will help:
    <object id="ba7ab859-2a8a-9fa1-988a-4a9938aba59b" width="0" height="0" type="application/gas-events-abn" style="display: none !important;"></object>
  • I already did that on my installation... I suggest you update your templates to reflect that for all your users... Thank you
  • Hi, 

    not im not brazilian and not using any plugin. the screenshot I prvided is the demo be theme so this issue is with the be theme.

    Any fix for my problem  ?
  • @DanielJorge we are not able to apply that because this is object element and some users may want to see it. Users are different and use theme for different purposes and that`s why in this case it could be removed with local styles as we gave you above.

    @Albulushi We replied on your question on
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