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I want to add my content layout to my mega menu. For this I need to add anchors to some headings, so that links with "#myanchor" work. Is this somehow possible? I haven't found out yet. I use the Muffin Builder, so I can't do much about what content it creates. Custom text would have been easy.

If this is not yet possible, it would be great if you guys could push this within the next update. I could really need this :)



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    Yep, that's what I've meant. But it has to work from other sites too. With the right link it should automatically go down to the right position.

    Currently I inserted some Raw HTML widgets with a anchor link, but this does not work nicely ...

    Okay, this doesn't work with Visual Composer, does it? I can't find anything which has a "Custom ID" ... Would be nice if there was support for Visual Composer.

    BTW: There is no "class" field in the Menu Editor...
  • So if this is what you mean then all info about that you can read at

    If you don`t see css section, you must click on Screen options button in right top corner in menus section and activate class field. With Visual Composer it has not been tested but you're right, there is no Custom ID field for that item. That`s why we recommend to use our Muffin Builder instead.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • It would be really great of you if you guys could finally add full VC compatibility in the next update. I noticed that a lot of Muffin Builder components like the "List" has not all those features it has with Muffin Builder.

    For example I could REALLY use a custom CSS field in the List-element's settings. I want to do a roadmap checklist for my application and it would look better if non-finished items on this list are colored red instead of the always default blue :)

    Big thanks in advance :)
  • We`ll think about it but definitely many things just can`t be added into VC because this builder is not compatible with our solutions. That`s why we strongly recommend to use Muffin Builder instead. And if something won`t be clear about Muffin Builder, then you can just ask and we always try to help the best as we can. Thanks!
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    Too bad, your builder is nice, but somehow uncomfortable to work with compard with VC. I really miss the Frontend Editor and the way it works. For Muffin Builder you have to scroll down to the section in order to edit stuff. VC just replaces the Text Editor which is not useful on custom sites.

    - The overview over your layout in MB is a bit messy and unclear (no instantly visible separations in form of lines or something)
    - The layout disappers when you edit something (VC shows a popup)

    Those are some things I really miss in Muffin Builder. I switchted to VC because it was more comfortable to work with, but I didn't know that there are features which won't be available in VC :-/

    Would be cool if you guys could take a look on your Muffin Builder and may add these suggestions :)

    But thanks for the help :)

    EDIT: And something I would really love: Import / Export for VC pages. It's a pain if you have to re-create the page by yourself if you want to switch :-/
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