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Can't Update the footer on BeMusician without it breaking.

edited June 2017 in Theme support
I'm currently using BeMusician, and when I change the image in the footer, it breaks the rest of it.
I've attached an image that shows what happens. All I'm doing is updating the image location in the footer widget text.

Edit: I should also note that the social icons lose their rollover effects. This also happens if I don't change anything but just re-save the footer widget.
I assume I'm missing some custom CSS somewhere? 



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  • << All I did was copy and paste your footer code and when I save it, it comes out like this. The original is on the left, the resaved is on the right.
  • edited June 2017
    What's broken; The layout/spacing, and the rollover effects.
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  • Ok, my point is, I took the code that was provided in the demo theme.
    And copied it EXACTLY, and PASTED it EXACTLY.

    And the one on the right is the result.

    I'm getting extremely frustrated with this system, as all I want to do is use the demo and modify it, but for whatever reason things... like this footer, don't seem to work correctly after I modify them.

    And your 'Support' so far hasn't been any help at all.
    Can you please just tell me how to make my footer look like the one in the demo site? That's all I want. And your turnaround time of 24hrs between each response is also EXTREMELY frustrating.  
  • Here is the code for the original footer, provided from the demo.
    If there's something wrong with it, and it's not correct to achieve the demo footer, please send the correct code.
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  • Thank you! This fixed part of the issue, the icons are in the right position, but they still don't have the roll over effects. If you go to the site I linked above you can see the updated version on the right.

    The untouched one is on the left that I am still attempting to replicate.

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  • When I say I copied it, I mean I literally took the code from the footer customization page AS-IS copy paste, and when I save it, everything goes haywire. << As I linked here, this is the footer code that comes with the demo. 

    So what do I need to change to add in links and have it JUST like the demo footer.

  • It looks like I managed to achieve the effect I was after by adding the [raw] .. [/raw] tags as you mentioned, and adding proper links to the icons for the rollover effect. I just ended up copying the code from the page when I viewed it in inspect mode on chrome.

    Just seems odd to me it shows up correctly when I installed the demo theme even though it didn't have the correct code in it (On the footer customization page). I had to change everything after copy-pasting.
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  • No, I'm not telling you it might be happening. I'm telling you it IS WHAT HAPPENED. 
    It's extremely annoying that you can't seem to understand that there is clearly a glitch in your system.

    Because I'm running the most updated wordpress, and the most updated version of your theme, and installed your demo theme BeMusician. When I opened up the footer widget, the code pictured HERE >> is what comes with your demo. 

    The moment I copy and paste that information into another footer widget, it breaks like I showed you HERE >> 


    You've assisted me into fixing it, but it took FIVE DAYS.
    Please understand that I appreciate the help, but this whole experience has left me frustrated. 

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  • Are you reading my messages or just skimming them?

    How do you not understand the issue...

    Everything has been fixed NOW. But it DOES NOT WORK, with the CODE YOU PROVIDE in the DEMO THEME.
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  • Not sure how else to describe this....

    When you install Betheme, and use BeMusician.
    If you open up the footer code that comes with BeMusician, it is broken.

    Somehow it appears correctly if you don't alter anything, but the moment you even add a space and resave, it breaks. Even if the fix is as simple as including the [raw] tags, it still doesn't come in working order. 

    Make sense?
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  • I've fixed it with the previously mentioned code above. I'm going to move past the issue.

    What I'd like to know is, with the signature image in the footer is it possible to have an alternate for a retina display? Again, this is at
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