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Cant use licence and update theme


I cant use licence and update the theme. I don't need a new licence for subdomain I'm sure you told me this already before and read it somewhere. 
please see screenshot  https://ibb.co/kzi8KG

the domain used is: axiom-online.co.uk However it's registered to subdomain staging.axiom-online.co.uk and my staging has been recently renamed to staging2.axiom-online.co.uk 

Can you make it a wildcard for the domain and subdomains?


  • Hi,
    sorry but this does only work on a wordpress multi site installation. This way you are using a single database and one key for all installations.
  • sorry but this does only work on a WordPress multisite installation...? Makes no sense. I don't understand your meaning.

    I have two installations. 

    axiom-online.co.uk (live with caching in place)
    staging2.axiom-online.co.uk (staging multisite (no caching) I want to redesign my site in staging2.axiom-online.co.uk

    The licence is registered to staging.axiom-online.co.uk

    The licence says I can use it as long as the domain and sun domain are part of the same domain which it is. btw it's not correct to have a staging site in cached environment hence there will always be two separate installations. 

    It's really urgent please resolve asap please. 
  • The licence is registered to staging.axiom-online.co.uk. I am no longer using this url as explained above. 

    Please resolve this asap. 
  • Like we said, using one key on multiple subdomain or subfolders is only possible with using the wordpress multisite installation. This way you use one key for all pages.
  • but the key is not working on my multisite installation. staging2.axiom-online.co.uk

    so i need to buy another key for my live site axiom-online.co.uk?

    it doesn't say this in envatos terms and conditions. can you show me? 

    like I said it's not practical because of caching rules to run one live multisite and have staging in the same live multisite domain because you cant 1.disable caching on staging independently (therefore developers cant see there changes withgout clearing a)hosting caching/varnish b) wp-rocket c) cloudflare caching. 2. if i clear cache for staging site it clears cache for a live site and that affects performance, SEO and especially PPC pages. 

    Therefore the restriction you have stated is not practical for real live development. 

  • This is all in the license, please read it.
    It is for a one end project so you cannot use it for multiple subdomains unless you make a multisite. But developement in a multisite is useless because you cannot export the project, you would have to move the full multisite.

  • My licence is locked to staging2.axiom-online.co.uk/

    Are you going to unlock it? Can you reply to this issue? 

    Currently, I have a valid licence which I am not able to use. 

  • Also I want to speak to someone in management. Please escalate this issue. 
    Provide me their contact details. 
  • Please contact us privately thru the contact form which is on the right side at http://themeforest.net/user/muffingroup#contact
    Please attach your license key in the message.

    We are curently speaking with envato about this.
  • We are experiencing the exact same issue. Our staging site is a subdomain of the main domain.

    example.com - main site

    example.com/dev - staging site

    The staging site is producing errors around the fact that we do not have a "valid" license. How is this the case when it is all the same domain?

    It was suggested that we purchase a second license for the development/staging website. Nice for you guys, not so grand for us.

    Some other solution needs to be arrived at, we are using other Evato listed themes and this is not an issue with them. If you are a leader in this marketplace, be flexible and accommodating not restrictive. As we are redeveloping perhaps we should look to alternatives???

    So any forthcoming solution here?

  • Hi,

    You can register unlimited subdomains with one license key, as long as the main domain is registered under the same key.

    This also applies to subfolders on localhost installations.

    So do you have Betheme installed and registered on your main domain?

    Did you register the license key first on the main domain and then on the subdomain?


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