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Too many thumbnails

I noticed my webshop is creating too many thumbnails for each product image. 25 thumbnails per product image actually. Ofcourse this isn't ok, when a shop has over a 1000 articles...

I saw in the functions/themefunctions.php that there is a a function:

for each different builder item. Now isn't it so that these thumbnails are only created when I actually use them? 

Could it be that when I upload my articles (I'm using the woocommerce API for this) the Betheme automatically creates all the thumbnails? 
I'm looking to find what is saying that all the thumbnails need to be created. 


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  • I'm not asking to customize it. 

    I'm asking if Betheme is the cause of creating so many thumbnails when I upload products.
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  • I'm sorry Pablo but I must say your support is a bit lacking, it's easy to say Betheme isn't the cause without even checking it. We've been using the Betheme on +15 websites now and we would like to keep using it. Always has the support been very helpful...

    Standard wordpress has 3 different sizes, the Betheme has 22. So the issues comes from the theme.

    Array ( [0] => thumbnail [1] => medium [2] => medium_large [3] => large [4] => post-thumbnail [5] => 50x50 [6] => clients-slider [7] => slider-content [8] => testimonials [9] => blog-navi [10] => portfolio-mf [11] => portfolio-mf-w [12] => portfolio-mf-t [13] => portfolio-list [14] => blog-portfolio [15] => blog-single [16] => woocommerce_thumbnail [17] => woocommerce_single [18] => woocommerce_gallery_thumbnail [19] => shop_catalog [20] => shop_single [21] => shop_thumbnail )

    Why doesn't the theme just creates the thumbnail when I actually need it? For example if I use the blog-navi then it should create a thumbnail of the image that I used there. Not just create all the thumbnails of all the images.
  • I would understand if there are automatically 5 or 6 thumbnails created but 19.... 
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  • Already changed it myself and we're fixing the issue long term by stop using BeTheme on our projects. Sadly because it's a great theme. We can't use 5GB on disk space for each website because BeTheme creates 19 thumbnails for each image when we upload over 5000products.

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