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Few issues in regards to the website

Hi guys,

I have few things which I would like to ask you if you are able to support me,

1) First thing is that I cannot remove the license from my old domain and move to the new domain, there is an option to send a hidden message? Not sure if should post here the details of the license. :)

2) I got a problem with mobile navigation under the - the inner pages under business/property/insurance are unclickable and no idea how I can sort this issue. 

3) There is an option to move the socials in line with the logo on a footer? I tried to make the socials bigger also, but the font-size code not working for me, another thing is that on the desktop under the footer there is a big white gap and also no idea how I can remove it.
- the same link like on point 2.

4) On a mobile version, subheader is a kind of broken - the images are not adaptive well, there is any way to position subheader image by myself? Just need cut a bit of bottom coz the photos look weird or make the holder of subheader image a bit lower height
- the same link like on point 2.

Thanks in advance! 


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your time and help.

    1) Ok, thanks.
    2) I already did that, didn't help...
    3) Ok, thanks
    4) No problemo, will sort it by my own.

    The main problem is the second point, I really cannot do it - tryied all of solutions already...
  • and not sure why in the mobile navigation for example under the Business / Asset Finance is the plus next to it - is not a parent page, is a inner page and the parent is business. Maybe because of this the navigation is unclickable? 
  • Ok, thanks for your help. have a nice day
  • Fixed. :)

    Got one quick question more, on a home page - under "Financial Brokers offers you", we wish to have the content visible and overlay effect while rollover. There is any chance to do this way?


    Financial Brokers offers you:

  • Hi,

    Sorry I mean about boxes under the section where is this text :)
    - here is a ref image:
  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for your reply, I already did play with these options, the main thing is that I cannot do that the icon, headline, button (read more) are visible before the hover effect, I wish only to keep the overlay color when the mouse rollover. 

    - there is any option, to do this way?
  • Thanks for your time and help. :)
  • Hi,

    I got another questions:

    1) subheader, I would like to change the height only on mobile where is a 320px and 480px grid. Will you be able to assist me with this issue as well?
    2) main banner on a mobile 320px/480px/640px/768px - how I can adapt the image to be always full screen on mobile & tablet devices? See the screen as a reference: (marked on red

  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for your reply and time.

    About three boxes question:
    - sure, I know that the content is entered in the zoom box content section, but if I will delete it - the content gonna be gone and is not the way I wish to do it...

    Here is an explanation again, how I wish to do it:
    - before hover effect: box + content on it: image ref:
    - after hover effect: box + content + color overlay: 

    I'm more than sure that is an easy way to do it, but cannot sort it out by myself. :)

    1) Subheader: That's right, I have a header + revslider on the home page, but on the parent and inner pages there is a subheader with the parallax styled image, for example, you can check it out here. 

    For each parent and an inner page I have added the custom CSS code inside each page, which looks like:

    #Subheader { 
        height: 100%; 

        background-attachment: fixed;
        background-position: center;
        background-repeat: no-repeat;
        background-size: cover;
    @media only screen and (max-device-width: 1366px) {
        .parallax {
            background-attachment: scroll;

    The image resolution is 2000x2000px because I wanted to get the HQ images, the problem is that on the 320px and 480px devices the subheader looks weird because I have edited the photos and do a mirror image of them to have them in the resolution mentioned above. See here: (mirror image - same images, merged together to get big resolution)

    For example (check on a phone with 320px grid and look at the bottom of image), so what I need to do is write a custom code to change the height on the 320/480 devices and wondering if you are able to help me out with this. :)

    2) I have the rev slider used only on the desktop version of the website, for a mobile and a tablet the rev slider is switched off and I did build the main banner using a wrap and the column and cannot do it adaptive for full screen. Is always a gap on the bottom. 

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply!

    In regards to the "three boxes" I have re-created them using columns, you can have look at the only one question is... I wish to change the "speed" of the hover effect, at the moment is too quick. There is a thing which you can direct me as well?

    Trying to get the same effect as here: (background hover effect speed) but the code
    transition: .5s ease; is not working for me

    1) Subheader - will check
    2) Already sort it. :) wrong style it was dark instead of full size.

    Thanks a lot!
  • Hi,
    Again, thanks for your help.
    1) Okie dokie, sorted. 
    2) the @keyframes didn't work for me but I found another solution:
    instead of;
    .graythree:before {
      background-color: rgba(163,163,163,0.8);

    I did used 
    .graythree:hover {
        background-color: rgba(163,163,163,0.8);
        -webkit-transition: background-color 500ms linear;
        -ms-transition: background-color 500ms linear;
        transition: background-color 500ms linear;
    and workig fine now:)
  • In regards to the subheader, the proposition you gave me didn't work for me - stuck with this issue only, maybe you will have another idea, please?

    Thanks in advance! Great support ;)
  • edited September 2018
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  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for your help, the code is not working :(. Any ideas how I can sort it?

    1) I got another problem if you can go on mobile.
    The content is displaying fir in the right position, then moving up by itself, no idea how to sort it.

    2) After changing the language from English to polish, navigation gets broken - wpml switcher automatically changing position, any ideas how I can sort this bug?

    Thanks in advance. 
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  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Regarding the code, can you please send me a screenshot of how it looks on your side? (ignore home page, I did understand).
    - shall I paste the code on the custom CSS in Betheme options or on each page?

    1) I'm not using the slider on homepage mobile, is switched off for the mobile and the banner is done by section, see attached image.

    2) Ok, will contact them also. Regarding your question, the grid is 1280 and set to full width

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  • Hi,

    1) Screens are not loading up. :/ I did select the slider from the page option because different language = different slider, so I had to choose this option. What shall I do in this case?

    2) Back to the question regarding the subheader images, the code is still not working for me, can you please assist me with this issue? 
    - shall I paste the code on the custom CSS in Betheme options or on each page?
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  • Hi Pablo,

    Screenshots are working now, thanks.

    1) Sure, but how I will assign separated slider for all languages? Cannot do like that. On English version done this way everything is working, I mean that on mobile content is displaying well, but on PL version no... this is the only suggestion I can do in this case?

    2) Most of the images are not working well on inner pages, for example:
    so what I would like to do is cut off the height of the subheader for about 30%-40% to hide the bottom of the subheader images. :)

    3) I cannot find the way, how to make a background of the wpml button blue, is always changing on the desktop and mobile, cannot find the way how to make it blue only on mobile, and also I wish align it to center and make next to it "+" symbol. Is the thing you can help me out as well?

    Really thanks for your time and help!

  • Hi Pablo,

    Please ignore point 1) - sorted! :D
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  • Thanks,

    2) Still nothing... :(

    3) Not working, but contacted the WPML support, so we can ignore this point. :)


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