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Changing Size of Menu and Subheader

I would like to change the height of the menu and sub header.  Is that possible?



  • Sorry, at the same time I was downloading a demo and now it's all messed up.  It looks completely different than I had it set up for.  But URL is working now.
  • Thank you!  When I downloaded the demo, it deleted the custom CSS I had put in.  Can you tell me what to add to delete the page title on the submenu?
  • Figured it out.  I used #Subheader .title { display: none; }

    Now, can I change the menu line color without changing the Header background?
  • Question: 
    Where can I find this CSS-file where I can put  #Subheader { padding: 20px 0; } to change the height of Subheader ?

  • thanks, 
    that doesn´t help, it doesn´t change nothing. 
    I would like to make smaller / lower or delete the row which is under the menu-row. 

    That row is a real horror, I am fighting the whole day with this horrible shit

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  • Thanks,
    I also with this command, the line is still too high and on mobile phone, the height even doubles (!) as soon as I insert a picture there! 

    A horrible system of settings in that theme, as a layman I struggle with this line already for days, and no one has a solution. 

    I also tried to hide or disable this line, is also not possible.

    Is that line (in red) the header or subheader?  

    See on ""
  • It's header? 
    Which one? 
    Where are the settings to change or remove it? I am searching already 3 days. 

    The command itself - which I've inserted - works on the header, means  without a "sub" in it (#Header {display: none;! Important;}), the header disappears, but I do not want to remove the header, there is the menu in it, not possible to remove that.     

    I switched now to "classic" nothing changes at all, 
    only the menu above is no longer fixed (it always scrolls up and then it comes back down, because "sticky"). But the red part (row) is still there and much too high. 

    In the menu items is already a submenu. 

  • Thanks Pablo,  

    just checked, this command is good for making it higher, but I can not make it smaller / lower with that. 

    I tried also height 175px and 75px, nothing happens, it remains high. I also deleted the photo. Nothing changes.   

    The background  colour is not the problem at all, I know how to change it. The height of that red row is the problem. 

  • That red row line should be a header (or "the" header), not subheader? 
    And why it is still visible if I switch off the header with CSS?

    I did for a test:   
    #Header { display: none; !important;  } 

    And why is the red line (which should be a header) still there if i switch off the header? 
    It can not be the header, because the header is switched off, and it is off, the menu is gone, but the red row is still there. 


    So maybe it is not a header an also not a subheader? 

  • edited September 2018
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  • Thanks, 

    i did it, that makes the "header_wrapper" transparent, but it's still there and especially on smartphones it makes a Problem.  

    On the smartphone it pushes the main page far down and there is a large part empty, apparently this is the "header_wrapper" which is now transparent.   

    This "header_wrapper" is extremely poorly described in the menu of BeTheme, the word "wrapper" I can not find there at all. 

    It is also completely unclear how one can write something there or how this content gets there (I read in there "Home" and I can also see which link is active).  

    I can make that "header_wrappertransparent, but I can not hide or delete it, and the CSS command for changing the height (which I got from you) does not show the slightest impact. Nothing changes. The problem is still the same.  

    That thing is the sheer horror, unbelievable.
  • There is no CSS code anymore. 

    the page in question is

    screenshot visible here: 

    the red line / row (that "header_wrapper" which is transparent now), I do not want the wrapper transparent, I want to remove / to delete / to hide it completely.  That horror makes only problems, it is impossible to find in the settings 
  • edited September 2018
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  • Thanks, 

    with this setting, the line on the PC disappears, but the problem is still the same on the smartphone. 

  • ... if you mean this one here, it doesn´t work, nothing changes, the "header_wrapper" is still there on a smartphone

  • Thanks Bryan, 

    it looks better now  :-)  but  the setting still causes problems with different monitors in different resolutions,

    I work for example with an external monitor, which needs resolution 1024 x 768 and the theme (or script) cuts off a part of the main page (content) on the top. 

    The same problem exists even if I use the TV as a monitor, I can not scroll all the way up with the main page, as soon as the menu bar at the top doubles (second row, when the number of menu items becomes too high). .

    Can I configure that somewhere / somehow? ? 
  • Thanks Bryan,  

    the command "padding: 0 12px" makes the smallest space between the menu items? 
    Or is there still an other setting, somewhere? 

    There is still a lot of space, see Screenshot:    

    For what stands "12px" in this command?  
    And how many menu items are recommended here (maximum)?

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