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Front page small visual issues

Just a couple of quick questions. I am using the photography demo. My link is:

The issues are at the bottom on the 8 squares. WIth the rose, horse, and alternating text headers, very similar to the demo. 
1. I have that extra space on the bottom of all the text boxes with the dark grey backgrounds. Why is that? I checked a few things but cant figure out whats adding that. I want those square, like the images.

2. How do I disable being able to click on the images? I do not want the magnafying glass to show up, or it be clickable. (these are inside of a image holder inside of the wrap. I noticed you had the images on demo as the wrap background, but I didnt like how it it enlarged, so I did it this way to keep the entire image showing no matter the page size)

3. If you look close at the 4 images use (horse, jeep, prints, rose) Theres a tiny border, how do I get rid of these. At the end of the day I want 8 squares, all touching, same size.


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  • edited January 2019
    Thanks! I got the front page looking good now. I actually started over because I think I messed with a few other small options. Looks good now though, thank you.

    How do I turn that off so the featured image is not popping up in a lightbox either? I checked in theme options under blog and didn't see a similar option to above.

    On those same front images at the bottom, ; I am using, the same size images as your demo, which was 780 x 780 pixels. However, as is, its a pretty zoomed in area on that square. A lot of the image is cut off, even on big screens. Is there a way to display more of the image and not so zoomed in on that square area/image?
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  • Great thanks! Those are taken care of. A few more questions. Easy stuff.

    1. How do I change the background of this top menu on the main menu, its dark grey right now. I cant seem to find that option.

    2. On the front page (same link) you can still click on those 3 main images, below the slider to have them pop up in a lightbox. Which option disables these ones from popping up seprately?

    3. On the portfolio page, when you hover over a gallery to enter, the line pops up above the title of the gallery. How do I change the color of that line?

    4. If you look at my blog page: you will see the theme has a white box around the grid of the blog, but the text is also white with the title of the blog. How do I change just these titles on the blog so you can see them again.Thanks for all your help on this, I really appreciate it all. You guys are rocking it!

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  • As far as number 4, I see your screenshot. Mine doesnt appear like that. Text is white on mac safari, and firefox, and my iphone. However, it appears like yours on my iPad. I did just clear all cache, and same thing not showing up on my mac. Any ideas?
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  • 1. Fix, thanks!
    2. Not sure why this isn't working! My options on the image setting are like you said, blank field, disabled. And I also have it disabled on the theme options, global. Could it be something else? It seems like a global setting, because on my about page, that image is clickable with the magnafyingglass too.
    3. Done, thanks!
    4. Fixed, that worked easy, thanks!
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  • Sent the info now. Login:

    If we could solve before weekend that would be awesome. THanks!
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  • edited January 2019
    Ok thanks. Can you tell me how I can disable the share icons on the bottom left of the blogs?

    Also, right below that, how can I hide the avatar, and author name. I don't want either of those showing either.
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  • THanks again.

    Can you tell me why my portfolio page isn't centered like the rest of the pages.Need to view full screen on a large monitor to see what I mean..

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  • imageWhen the portfolio page is full screen on a large monitor the page is not centered anymore. See attachment:

    Also, on that same portfolio page, how do I change the font that appears over the portfolio image? Just that specfically.
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  • Got it. Thank you. How do I change the font that appears over the portfoilio title? The text that has the line appear over it on the rollover.
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  • Ok. THanks for all your help!

    I am going to make my front page, like the portfolio page, except with the bottom content of the home page currently.

    I tried to add content to the portfolio page, which uses the portfolio template, but it adds content ABOVE the actually portfolio. I want it BELOW the portfolio images.

    So I tried to build a new page and the page looks how I want, except the portfolio cover images do not appear at 100% with, like the bottom content.

    I like my portfolio page diesplayed like this: (I like the full width)

    I tried to mimic this on a new page: The bottom boxes appear exactly how I want, but the portfolio covers arent 100% wide.

    Which is the best way to achieve this?

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  • Looks set now.

    How do I get rid of the header text on the home page now so that doesntdisplay at the top of page?
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