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One Page Mini Sites In The Same Current Website

Hello Muffin Group, Currently i'm using my website as a Multipage site and now i have to add a "One Page" kind of pages(With custom menu and one page features) within my website....is that possible to do it with Betheme? or should i need to create sub directories with new installation of wp? I need to have around 20 - 60 "One Page" pages though...I'm currently building a big entertainment portal using your theme. Please let me know whether its possible to do so or not and if its possible then can i add existing pages to that "One Page" Page? For example.. I have four pages - Mf1, Mf2 ,Mf3 and Mf4 (which are multipages) and i want them to stay like that as well as to be as a single "One Page". Is that possible? If so then how? :-) 


  • Hi,

    Yes, it is possible of course. Each page around website can have own menu. This can be done within Layout Configurator feature.

  • Thanks for your fast response! :) I got another question... Is "One page" Features only work if a page got different sections with custom Id's? I have three different pages like "Movie Name", "Movie review" and "Movie Gallery" - These are three different pages and can i copy there custom Id's to the menu and make it work as a one page? or do i need to export and import their all sections to one page and add those section ids to that one page menu? 

    This Might be a stupid question :-D but i wanted to know! :) 
  • Each section must have ID. Without that it won't work.
  • edited March 2015
    Yeah..I got that my friend! But my question is...to create a "one page"...Do all those sections must be only in a single page? 

    My clear question is "Page A" has Section 1 and "Page B"  has Section 2 and I need to make a "One Page" with those two pages...Is that possible? Hope You understood my English! 

  • Ohh ok, we got it :) Really weird because first time we hear about something like that. But unfortunately it is not possible. "One page" can be done around single page only.
  • Actually, It was my friend's thought...which was hard to let it out from my mind....Now everything's got clear! :D Thanks for your time...!! Happy evening! :)
  • And that's why we were so confused :) Have a nice evening as well!
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