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Variation product price now showing now - only the price range

Hi there,

As per the title on a variable product the price range shows by default but when selecting the variant in the dropdown the price does not adjust to show the price of that variation - this was working fine until the recent update.

Each variation in the drop down has a set price but it does not display the price, just the range.


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  • I haven't disabled anything - what are you referring to?
    The site is on AWS so you may not be able to manually edit the functions file if thats what you mean?

  • You can deactivate plugins as normal within the wp-admin backend.
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  • There are no restrictions on the account - it is an administrator.
    Is there a particular plugin you are having issues with disabling?

    Are you doing this through the plugin list and just clicking diable or trying to do it another way?
  • Hi there - I have done some tests and the issue is not with a plugin but with the theme. I have changed to the 2019 theme and the dropdown on the variation price works as it should. There is also an issue that the sidebar isnt working and displaying properly and appears underneath the product.

    Both seem to be tied to the theme and possible a jquery issue. Please let me know a fix or provide an update.
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  • Removing the custom JS works because its removing the issue. However the custom JS has not been changed in months - the theme was updated recently and since then it has stopped working so the issue is some change which was made in the recent theme update which is now affecting the custom JS. 

  • Specifically it seems to be an issue with displaying the WooCommerce sidebar widget content . did you make any adjustments to this or the woocommerce integration in the recent update?
  • If I remove the custom JS and just leave the text in the WooCommerce sidebar it still does not display appears under the page content and not to the right of it in the sidebar location.
    as an example..the text at the bottom should be appearing in the WooCommerce sidebar.
  • Your changelog says you have edited the sidebar...

    • Sidebar - Show sidebar area only if there are any widgets inside
    • Google Fonts - Load all selected fonts via single HTTP request
    So you are disabling the sidebar here - seems this is not working correctly?
  • edited February 2019
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  • I removed the custom js and the problem still exists. When there is something in the woocommerce sidebar, even just a text box saying ‘text’ it does not show. That suggests your update to the sidebar does not work or does not factor in the woocommerce sidebar option.
  • I am not sure you are understanding the issue from reading your last reply. If I remove the custom JS the price variation works fine - the reason it works though is that the custom code is in the sidebar and the elements are not being seen which kicks up the error. The WooCommerce sidebar is not displaying as a sidebar since your appears under the main container. If I add the word "test" just to check this it will appear underneath the main container - not as a sidebar which it should. So clearly whatever update you have made is not done correctly and the WooCommerce sidebar is not displaying correctly as a result.

    Again to reiterate..this has nothing to do with the custom JS, whether it is present or not your sidebar update has broken the WooCommerce sidebar..this is the cause of the issue which you need to address.
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  • Hi there,

    Login credentials sent again via form.

  • Just to reiterate the issue..the WooCommerce sidebar is not displaying as a sidebar like it should. It appears underneath the main content container.

    Right now I have added just a '-' symbol to the WooCommerce sidebar is the site is live..and you can see here or on any of the other product pages it is appearing at the bottom underneath - as a sidebar though it should be appearing to the right hand side of the product info.
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  • Hi thanks for the response. When do you expect the update, its a live site which has had components in that sidebar all the time up to now.
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  • Great thanks for that
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