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Problems with updating BeTheme to latest version

Seems that I am experiencing problems updating the theme to latest version.  I can access the backend of the website, but the website itself goes down.

In this case, I just updated to Version 21.1.7 and the website doesn't load.  What would cause this issue.  Deactivating all plugins does not have any impact.


  • As an update, if I deactivate the Child Theme and Activate the parent theme, the theme partially loads.  In updating the theme, should you activate the parent theme before updating?  The instructions do not specify this.
  • Same problem on ; This website is on 5.0.4 whereas the website above is on 5.1.1.  I thought it might be with WP version.
  • Restored from backup, left so you could see problem.
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  • And where do I find this to fix it?  I don't know where to even start looking.
  • Is this in the Child Theme Functions php or the Parent functions php?
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  • You do realize that this impacts more than just me.  As Child Themes were supposed to keep this from happening in the first place.  Muffin Group needs to update it's outline updating the theme when using a Child Theme.

      And, I'm not aware of any files in the Child Theme that would have been modified by my developer or myself.  In the Child Theme, we just have the custom CSS.

    I will download another copy of the Child Theme from Theme Forest and compare files., I still have 10 months of support remaining.  I can't believe that a theme would break within just a few months.
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  • That didn't work, so I have restored the website back to the original backup before update.
    Very disappointed that I implemented a Child Theme to prevent this from occurring in the first place.

    I have 5 sites now that I can't update or will have to pay someone to update.
  • Moving the CSS over after upgrade:  The logo on the interior pages disappears. 

    In the header sliding area php it has the line:
    $st_class = 'st-'. mfn_opts_get('sliding-top');

    Does that change?
  • And where mfn_opts_get() already exists, does that need to change to echo mfn_opts_get()
  • I am also having this issue, updating from 21.0.8 to 21.1.7. Cannot update through the front end or back end, just get a white screen. I am also using a child theme on a large site.
  • edited April 2019
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  • We're having the same problem. After update site does not display.  Searched in funtction.php file and can't find mfn_opts_show()
    Name:  Betheme Child
    Parent theme version: 21.1.7
    WordPress version: 5.1.1
    PHP version: 7.3.4
    Site address (URL):
    WooCommerce version: 3.6.2
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  • Confirming this resolved my issue thanks Pablo.
  • Did not work.  There were only two lines in the header.php located in the child-theme files that had mfn_opts_show() and I replaced those two references to echo mfn_opts_get.  I still get a blank page with a blue stripe at the top of the page.  There are no other .php files in the Child-theme folders that have mfn_opts_show().

    I went to the developer, and he encountered the same results.  What is my next step?
  • I tried to upgrade a second site:

    Name:  Betheme Child
    Version:  Version:
    Parent theme version: Version: 21.0.6
    WordPress version: 5.0.4

    I thought this would be a safe upgrade, because the mfn_opts_show() does not appear any the one php in the child theme folder.  This theme and child theme was created in January of this year.

    So there is an obvious problem.  Like I said, I have many sites based on this theme.
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  • [07-May-2019 16:57:29 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mfn_builder_print() in /home/stranglaw/public_html/wp-content/themes/betheme-child/page.php:26
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/stranglaw/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php(77): include()
    #1 /home/stranglaw/public_html/wp-blog-header.php(19): require_once('/home/stranglaw...')
    #2 /home/stranglaw/public_html/index.php(17): require('/home/stranglaw...')
    #3 {main}
    thrown in /home/stranglaw/public_html/wp-content/themes/betheme-child/page.php on line 26
    How do I share line 26?
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  • OK, we are getting close.  There is a block of text missing that it Titled "About the Immigration Law Office" that is supposed to appear below the icon section and above the Contact Form.  It shows in the back-end, but does not render on the home page.
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  • It does appear in the HTML section <div id="Content">  then skip several rows down to <h3>About The Immigration Law Office of Strang Immigration Law</h3> and the paragraph follows.
    The debug is not kicking out any additional errors.

    No more instances of "mfn_opts_show()" but I have found "mfn_builder_print( get_the_ID() );" in other child theme php files.  Do those need to be changed as well?  The instance I fixed was on line 26 in page.php.  This other instance is in 
  • If there is a private way to share the cPanel login, I would happy to share.  I need to get this fixed for this attorney.  Thanks.
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  • I have restored the previous backup prior to trying to upgrade the theme to

    If you compare the homepage on the sites, you can see that there are still some major problems.  Why would the homepage load on the site that hasn't been updated and elements disappear after update.

    It has dropped the background.
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