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Change Portfolio Image Hover


How can I change the hover effect on a portfolio image in the "Masonry Hover Details" layout? At the moment it shows the title at the top left corner.  Additionally it shows a search icon in the bottom left corner and a link icon on the bottom right corner? How can I remove them because I think they are really unnecessary. It's clear that it's a link if you click on it you will see more information and pictures anyway, so there's no reason for the search icon.

It would also really be great if it would show the title centered on the image and if I would be able to change the hover color.

Moreover the images do not auto-adjust to the grid size of the portfolio. Do you know how I can fix this problem?

I really hope you can help me with that!! :-)

Best regards,



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  • Hi Pablo,

    thank you for your answer! Sorry, I forgot about that. Here ist the link to my website:

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  • Thank you for your answer Pablo, that helps me a lot!!

    But is it still possible to remove the search and the link icon from the portfolio hover or does this also require theme customization?
  • And I have one more question according the portfolio:

    How can I get the spacing between the images to be the same on the horizontal and vertical axis? As you can see on the pictures, the gap is always bigger on the vertical axis in the middle. It would be much nicer if the size is all the same.
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  • Okay, again, thank you!!!

    And one last question (sorry for asking so much):

    Is it now possible to make the whole portfolio image (I guess the class is "portfolio-item isotope-item  has-thumbnail") a like to the page? So that you can click everywhere on image and not just on the titel to get to the page?

    And in which file can I edit the javascript of the portfolio? I guess I'm not able to change the spacing but a least I would like to take a look at it :-D
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  • " Unfortunately, it's not possible to attach the whole image to be 'clickable' - you would have to edit theme files to achieve that.
    Through the theme options, it's not possible. "


    Hi Pablo, I want to edit the theme files in order to make the whole overlay in the "Masonry Hover Details" Portfolio Layout clickable and a link to the portfolio page. Can you please tell me where I can find the right file to edit?

    I mean it's just no option that you have to click particularly on the text on the overlay to get to the specific portfolio page.

    Thank you!!!
  • Moreover how can I remove the line under the titel on "Masonry Hover Details" Layout?
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  • 2) No i mean the line on the hover-titel in "Masonry Hover Details". On the picture you can see the line I mean.

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  • Thank you!!
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