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Dealing with a big logo (actually two logos)

Can you please help me with two problems that we have on one website.
my colleague and I, we had to combine two logos into one, sine the client 
wanted to have two logos in the same corner of the page...

And now we have a problem that on screens that are around 15-16-17 inches,
the logo and the menu are braking into two parts- so they are not in the same level.
(This doesn't happen on bigger screens like 21 inches)

Do you have any solution for us?

Our idea is to turn on the mobile version of the menu, the Hamburger menu,
earlier... even at 16-17 inches. But how do we do that so that we don't have to use
a child theme?

Another thing that we cannot find how to do is to change the link address of the logo,
so that when you click on the logo, you get to the Transparenz page, and not the home page.

Please help.



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  • Hey Brian,
    Thanks for your reply and your advice. We will talk to the client to see if it is possible to rearrange the
    menu items.
    We will also try the header builder.

    However I have two more question about the "custom css and js" that is in the theme options.
    I saw this tutorial 
    and I tried to follow those steps. It worked but it was working only while I was logged in in the wordpress. Also it didn't work on other browsers while I was logged in (I am using Chrome, and it didn't work in Opera and Edge).
    With this custom code I managed to decrease the right margin of the logo and padding between the menu items, so the header didn't break so soon. This would be a great solution, but can you tell me if there are some missing steps here to make this really work, or what is the problem?

    Also, is it possible to edit the media queries with custom css and js, so that we can bring the burger menu sooner?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Hi Pablo,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Ok, I get it, it is an old video and it is not an official one.

    And ok for the media queries...

    Can you then just help me with the custom css, because I think that would be a perfect solution.
    This is what I added to it:

    #Top_bar .menu > li > a span:not(.description) {
        padding: 0 10px;

    #Top_bar .logo {
        margin: 0 1px 0 20px;

    And like I said, it worked great then, but not when I logged out. And even when I logged back in,
    now it is not working.

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  • Hi Pablo,
    Sure... I would like to decrease the padding between the menu items and the right margin on the logo.
    And all because when we have smaller screens, like 15 to 17 inches, the header is breaking apart. 
    You can have a look at the website and try it yourself.
    If there is anything else that I need to explain, please let me know.

  • p.s. One more thing.
    We tried to change the link attribute of the logo by going to the file includ-logo.php:
    And it worked for some time but when we cleared the cash to check
    if it works, everything resets and the logo is again leading to the home page.
    We need the logo to lead to the Transparenz. Is this possible by this method?
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  • edited October 2019
    About the padding, I don't understand why because everything was working fine, but ok.

    And about customizing the link in the theme files, that's really too bad.

    Thanks for your help anyway.
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