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side bars

edited October 2019 in Theme support

I would like to add a side bar to my blog page.  I have named this page ‘Articles’.  On this page I have used the right column
layout and set the template to default, but the page does not show a side bar!

Even if I had a side bar, I don’t know how to add items to a
side bar.

I have watched the video’s several times.  Can you help?



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    sorry for my mistake
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  • Thanks, however now it repeats my news category.  I am only using two categories books, and
    news.  My Blog page is Articles.  On the Page Articles, in the sidebar it shows
    these two categories and repeats the news category on the main part of the
    page. How do I get rid of the second set of News Post? 

    I would like to configure the sidebar but don’t know where
    to start!  What items should go into it?
    And where is it configured?

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  • Did you make this change in "settings -  reading?

    Did you have to change anything else?

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  • edited October 2019


    The sidebar is working, and I can add widgets, but I can’t lower
    the sidebar and it extends into the main menu on the top.

    I tried moving the sidebar down using “muffin builder” but
    that doesn’t work.  I have looked in
    theme options but can’t find where to lower the sidebar.

    Can you help?

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  • Thanks, I used this css: <div style="position:relative; top:-100px"></div> with the custom css widget

  • edited October 2019
    One last question on sidebars pertaining to the calendar widget.  The date of a blog POST does not show on the calendar.  I know the date is the same color as the background but I can't figure which setting to change.


    menu - Articles

  • edited October 2019
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  • edited October 2019
    Look at the calendar on the Articles Page.  October the 11th doesn't show.  When you mouse over it the pointer changes to a hand.  When you click on it opens the Post that was created on that date. I would like date to be bold and show.
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  • Thanks,

    Is there a way I can get a list of the classes and div’s so
    I can do these changes myself?

    I am pretty good HTML, CSS, and PHP programmer.

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