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[SOLVED] Demo Corporation Slider not rotating, navigation disabled

edited September 2020 in Revolution Slider
I want to use this Slider
Even it is static, it is a slider.
I duplicated and edited the slides and noticed that there is no rotation.
I wanted to turn on the navigation (the cross top right corner) but it is disabled.
The duration of each slide is set to 1000ms for testing, still not switching to next slide.

How do I enable navigation?
How to activate auto rotate?

Thank you.


  • Hello,
    Please be familiar with this video tutorial, it will show you how to make example slider with navigation:

  • edited September 2020
    Thanks Pablo but the video doesn't help.
    It looks like hidden settings causes the problem or maybe that is a bug.
    Here you can see that I have multiple slides but navigation still grayed out:
    EDIT: I noticed that all single layer sliders (e.g. corporation2 or default theme) have the same issue, you add additional layer and the navigation still grayed out.
    EDIT2: I figuered it out, it is because they were Scenes and not Sliders. Scenes don't have navigation.
  • Did you do what video shown you?
    All of these steps should allow you to create this kind of slider, I've recreated it and slider works correctly.

    Are you sure that your WP, Betheme and Revolution Slider are up to date?
    Also, check if the same happen when all of your plugins (leave RevSlider turned on only) will be disabled.
  • >I've recreated it and slider works correctly.

    I did create sliders in the past, they work fine.
    I am talking about the slider in the Corporation 2, it can't have more than one slide.
    Video 0:22 "A scene is a slider with one slide and no navigation".

    Everything is fine now, I understand why it is not working.
    Thank you for your time.
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