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Revolution sliver video not working


I wanto to place a video on a web page, I added m4v video file as a background into revolution sliver, but it's not working. Could you please help. Page with a video slider here:

Video added as HTML5 background:

Kind regards, Aliona


  • Hello,

    Did you solve your issue?

    Because I have visited your website, and the video seems to work correctly.


  • Hi,

    No, not really. I placed the video through YouTube link instead, so it shows on desktop but is not playing on mobile. I have experience with other web sites, when I was integrating m4v video in revolution slider and then it works on mobile too. But on our web site the video just does not show up if I try to add it as m4v file. We need it to be working on all devices, mobile too. Could you please help with that?

    Kind regards, Aliona

  • Can you import the slider with a video (for example, from demo Video 3) and check if it works with it, please?

    From version 20, we have introduced a new way of installing sliders. Now, when you install a pre-built website, the slider is imported automatically. You can also import them without installing the pre-built website.

    Here is a screenshot for better understanding:

    If you do not see this option, please ensure that the revolution slider is installed and active. Also, the version of your theme must be 20.0 or more.


  • Here is a page where video is added as m4v video in Revolution slider background and it doesn't work

    Kind regards, Aliona

  • Did you try to use another slider, as I suggested to you?

    Also, please, be sure that you have the newest version of Betheme and Slider Revolution.


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