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Old site with be theme (from another owner, Now getting a new be theme with my own theme key)

Good afternoon. A few months ago my site needed a be theme update but I the website used to have a older be theme from other person. Now Im getting this new Be theme to update the site. Should I just download the new Be theme and uploadit directly to the site?



  • Hi,

    If the Betheme version on your website is below 20.0, you will have to download the theme installation package from the ThemeForest and upload it to your WP panel through Appearance -> Themes.

    If you have a version above 20.0, you can update the Betheme directly in the WP updates.


  • Thanks for your response . It is indeed a early version but I need to still upload and deregister because of the old owner situation.

  • Sorry, but I do not understand.

    On your screenshot, there is an old license key, which do you want to deregister? If yes, you can just click on the button Deregister Theme, and register it again with your new key.

    If this is not what you refer to, please, explain what you need to do in more detail, please.


  • Thanks Phil for your quick response. Before I made those actions I have two questions.

    1-What are the requirements if my website have some css edits in the template. (I believe is safer to create a child theme)

    2-Before I make the updates in the live site I like to test it in local. Can I use my new be theme license in local and the live site?


  • 1) If your custom CSS changes the structure of the CSS from the theme, then yes, it is best to use a child theme because if you do not use it, the update will overwrite them.

    2) Yes, you can use your license firstly on a local installation, and then on the live site. Only you need to remember to deregister the license key from local to use it on a live site.


  • Hello.Thanks for the recommendations.

    I was able to update it with the child theme but some things got broken in the front end. Is there a way to get my update without getting my sections messed up?

  • Well, it looks like that your modifications are made not correctly if this happened.

    Can you tell me which changes you exactly made?


  • Made a Child theme activate it and then update it . This is in a staging site

  • If your modifications have not been replaced (correctly set child theme prevents that), it means that structure of html changed and it could make problems for your custom code.

    We are not sure what you changed so help is nearly not possible - because I do not know what element can cause that behave.


  • Hello Pablo Thanks for your response. I already roll back the site to avoid those broken sections. I downloaded the theme and documentation but the ChildTheme file is not there. Is there a new way to get it


    PD Im looking to do the update the exact way you recommend it to get it going well

  • Please check this video tutorial, it will show you where to get the child theme and how to set it up correctly.


  • Hello I was able to make the changes as you mentioned in the video

    Can I safely update?


  • Yes, of course.

    Remember, all changes of theme must be made on the Child Theme!


  • Hello Pablo thanks for your response. I still got this same issue. Some of my sections are broken, Im doing carefuly all the indications but im getting the same issue

    I would really appreciate to get this thing over please


  • Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • Ok I just sent you the dashboard access. Wish link do you need me to attach?


  • I need a link to website, login credentials, and link to that topic - thats all.


  • Is this thread private? I will sent you the login credentials and the admin link (thu the form) I do not know what you reffer to "link to that topic"

  • Threads are public, if you wish I can remove it when the problem will be solved.

    What I meana by 'link to that topic' is just a link to this forum thread


  • Sorry, but it looks like your modifications broke the HTML of the page, there is several of them in the source code of that page.

    Check them by yourself, please open your website in Firefox HTML mode (CTRL+U) and check the HTML errors you got.

    Please fix them first, and all should be fine.


  • Can you be more especific with what you meant with modifications? Any trouble that happen can be avoid rolling back to the backup I made. I just need to update the theme without getting the site broke. Im doing the steps as you told me



  • edited May 25

    If you have any access to the not-updated version of website, please open your website in Firefox HTML mode (CTRL+U) and fix the HTML errors you got.

    If they will be fixed, the whole html code will be correct, then move the page to the updated one.


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