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Single post page layout


I have installed Business5 template for my website and for blog post screen which is single post page the design and layout is not as expected.

I was expecting that the screen should have the layout as below

But in my website the layout looks something like this

Can you please help me with correcting this layout?



  • Hello,

    The one you shown is built using "Intro Header" type of the single post, you can set it up in the settings while editing the post.


  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for your quick response.

    I just have few questions.

    1. Somehow I am unable to display my Feature image. I checked this single post settings and also in Betheme Theme Options-> Blog and given "Feature image: Show" but I still don't see the Feature image. Can you please tell me whether I am missing something?
    2. And another question I have is the content part(where the post content starts) always has full width. I even tried to assign layout as "Both Sidebars" and "Left and Right sidebars" but it still gives me full width. Should I need to some other changes for this. Below is how my screen looks.

    Last Question: I have my old website with few blog posts and planning to import them to my current new website. Can you please tell me how to apply these changes to all those blog posts?

    Thank you so much in advance

  • 1) The Intro Header image is not the featured image, you have to uploaad it in the field labeled as "Header Image" on the same page you sent, see screen:

    2) You have to select the sidebars, take a look at the screenshot you sent, there you will find the dropdowns, select the sidebar you created to make them display.

    3) Let me be sure, you want to move the posts from old page to actual?


  • Hi,

    1. Just wanted to correct this point, I understood the difference of Header image and Feature image. But my question is somehow the feature image is not appearing even all my settings are correct. I am expecting something like below screenshot(this screenshot is from BeTheme link)

    2.Thanks for the info. Can you please tell me where I can create the Sidebars. Because I don't see them in the Betheme settings as well.

    3.Yes Correct. I want to move the posts from old site to new site with these similar blog post settings which are above. Since they are many(almost 400-500 posts) I can't do the settings for each individually.

  • 1) Yes, the Featured Image will not display there, it's normal behave - this image have to be inserted using the BeBuilder with "move up" option used.

    2) Please check our video-tutorial about creating sidebars in BeTheme

    Also the documentation will be a good spot to get knowledge:

    3) You have to use some plugin to move them, we did not test any plugin like that (and we do not support any), so you have to check it by yourself.

    But, it should work without any problem, but the layout for these posts will be kinda different because there is no converter for other builder (Gutenberg, Elementor etc.) content to Bebuilder.


  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for sharing the above info. Really appreciated.

    I have question on first point and third point.

    1. Regarding the feature image, I understood that it is done with bebuilder. But atleast I was expecting the feature image to be displayed anywhere on the page. Can you tell me how can I do that?
    2. Regarding the last point from above, as I mentioning about importing my old website blog posts to my new website, you mentioned that there is no converter from other builders to BeTheme builder, but there must some way to apply similar setting or apply a specific theme for all the blogs which I am going to import right? Can you help me on this?
  • 1) It's removed from the content of page, because Intro Header template is based on Builder template, which does not include the featured image in code of page.

    2) All headings or html tags will surely inherit the options (color, paddings etc.) from theme options, that's all.

    What do you mean by "apply a specific theme for all the blogs" ?


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