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Completely remove BeBuilder - how to??

Yep complete pain in the backend!! We have been using your theme for years and have multiple licenses (without any discount, yet another thing that is absurd) Now you have the silly BeBuilder installed with any upgrade we undertake and cannot get rid of. This is screwing up two websites with literally hundreds of pages each.

Why is this not optional??? We built using Visual Composer in 2018 and just need to maintain the websites.

How to shut off bebuilder ... where is the option?


  • Hi,

    Please, go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Global -> Advanced, and from the BeBuilder visibility dropdown menu, choose HIDE for everyone.

    About the discount you mentioned, we do not handle the license keys distribution; hence we do not have the possibility to give discounts. In that case, you should contact Envato instead.

    Best regards

  • Hiding is not removing ... it is still there causing conflicts with WPBakery.

    So next question ... is there an easy, and I do mean simple, way to convert WPBakery layouts and content into Bebuilder??

    We really do not want to rebuild an entire website let alone four sites.

    So converter out there??

  • BeBuilder is an integral part of our theme, so if you would like to remove it altogether, you would have to modify theme files, but we do not provide help with such customization.

    However, can you tell me what conflicts you are talking about?

    WPBakery, BeBuilder, and Elementor are different builders and have completely different structures. Except for rebuilding your pages from scratch, there is no other option to convert from one builder to another.

    Best regards

  • Hi there,

    I've uploaded a new website license and chose a pre-built site but the site is built with Elementor instead of BeBuilder which is what I'm used to. So I'm not sure how to switch this back to Muffin Builder.

    If you can help that would be great.


  • Hello,

    Remember, that you cannot convert the content between any of the builder, if you want to switch to other builder, you have to start creating the page content from scratch.

    About the Muffin Builder, just disable the elementor plugin and do a reversal to what Phil told you, just switch the option to "Everyone".


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    Hi there,

    But previously the pages were built with the muffin builder and I was fine with that. Is there a way to disable elementor before I choose a pre-built site? The options in your screenshot are already selected, I just dont want the default builder to be elementor as I've always had the site built with Muffin Builder.

    Because now I dont know how to edit the footer in elementor :(


  • There is no option to hide the elementor option before choosing the pre-built website, it's hardcoded.

    What I suggest is just remove the elementor plugin, just in case.

    The BeBuilder is default builder on BeTheme from beginning.


  • Yes I've done that but I still don't understand why its hardcoded because that defeats the purpose of it being a pre-built website for people to easily edit and I don't get why the muffin builder is not the default builder which all the pre built sites are built with because thats how it was before and it was perfect to make changes.

    So how do I change the footer information with elementor disabled because when I disable the elementor plugin all the page content is broken and is using the wordpress default builder not even the BeTheme builder, and the Betheme is a header builder and is not the default builder because it used to be the muffin builder because I've been using betheme for over 4 years and I have about 10 licenses and every time I add a pre-built site it populates the whole site with the muffin builder and now this has been switched with elementor and elementor is not a great builder as I have used muffin builder for years

    I really hope there is a way around it from a coding perspective because this will definitely be a problem for most of your customers.


  • 1) Like two years ago we did not create the elementor pre-built websites, but a lot of customers asked about them. We created it to be hardcoded to not to make it too complicated - right now it's just if you don't want to use it, then do not install demo for elementor. I think this is good solution.

    2) All of the demos are made for both builders, you are not limited in any way.

    3) BeTheme by itself has the option for footer's modifications.

    • You can change the footer content in the Appearance -> Widgets, in the footer tabs.
    • All of the options for footer can be found in Theme Options -> Footer.

    I do not see the problem, including elementor support for betheme eo not limit any theme functionalities.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for you help.

    I've just had another look and noticed that some pre-built sites have either elementor or muffin builder but some only have elementor and the pre-built site I'm trying to use only has elementor as the builder for it so I guess thats why I'm having the problem I'm having.


  • Can you tell me which pre-built website is it?

    All of the pre-builts includes the BeBuilder version, this is the primary one.


  • Hi,

    Business 3 has both BeBuilder and Elementor versions.

    Do you have the newest version of Betheme?

    Best regards

  • So once again my issue is that we have a large website, that started with a prebuild five years ago, and used the then supported WP Bakery (formally Visual Composer). Now we are facing the issue that we would like to move the site to another prebuild and we cannot as all our layouts are in a format not supported.

    How do we start another prebuild and import the pages into BeBuilder ???

    Or how can we convert the BeBuilder prebuilt to WP Bakery (Visual Composer) ???

    Would love to stay with BeTheme yet if we have to completely rebuild 109 pages will just look for a less restrictive solution.

    Again Thanks in Advance.

  • All builders have different structures, and all of them have their way of creating content on pages.

    Because of that, there is no option to convert the content from one builder to another, and if you want to move your pages from WPBakery to BeBuilder, you need to recreate them manually.

    However, we support WPBakery, and you can install another pre-built website, but you will have to skip the database reset to avoid losing all your current pages.

    You can test that by creating a website copy in a subdomain and installing another demo there.

    You can register unlimited subdomains with one license key, as long as the main domain is registered under the same key.

    This also applies to subfolders on localhost installations.


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